Explore the terroirs of the Cognac region: The Martell Single Cru Collection

Martell Single Cru Collection

CONTENT: Kevin Yiew

With over three centuries of expertise in distilling the essence of cognac, Maison Martell has proudly unveiled its latest masterpiece: the Martell Single Cru collection. This exclusive release is crafted with eaux-de-vie, or the “water of life,” meticulously sourced from a single terroir, representing the epitome of Martell’s artistry. Available in limited quantities, this collection epitomizes the essence of the Cognac region’s finest crus, offering connoisseurs an unparalleled sensory journey.

Curated by Cellar Master Christophe Valtaud, each cognac in the collection is meticulously crafted with eaux-de-vie sourced from a single terroir—a process so rigorous that only a select few of the 11,000 eaux-de-vie available in the Martell reserves are chosen, underscoring the rarity of this collection. The personality of each cognac is intricately shaped by the terroir from which it originates, with distinct aromatic profiles and aging potentials influenced by factors such as soil composition, climate, and exposure.

To ensure an authentic expression of each terroir, Maison Martell distills only clear wines and ages its eaux-de-vie exclusively in barrels of fine-grained oak, minimizing the influence of lees and wood.

Embark on your journey with the Martell Single Cru Discovery Editions—an enchanting introduction to the diverse terroirs of Cognac. This collection features three exquisite cognacs, each sourced from a single cru:

The Martell Single Cru Fins Bois (S$200), promises a tantalizing exploration of its namesake region, with lush and juicy fruitiness that enlivens the palate, courtesy of its reddish clay and limestone soils.

Experience intensity and subtle spice with the Martell Single Cru Petite Champagne (S$200), revealing rich nutty notes and a smooth, spicy finish—a timeless delight for cognac enthusiasts.

The Single Cru Discovery Edition Borderies (S$200) is famous for its subtle floral aromas and sweet candied fruit that leaves behind a delightful sensation of fullness—a genuine embodiment of the Borderies cru.

Continue the odyssey with the Martell Single Cru Aged Editions, where time and terroir converge to create unparalleled complexity. Featuring eaux-de-vie from the prestigious Borderies and Grande Champagne crus:

Martell Single Cru Borderies 1999

The Martell Single Cru XO Grande Champagne (S$460) will let cognac connoisseurs revel in the power and structure of Grande Champagne, enriched with notes of nuts, dried fruit, and wood—a harmonious balance of intense oud and fruitiness.

Delight in the incomparable richness and fullness of the Martell Single Cru XXO Borderies (S$920), brimming with luscious fruity notes—a simple yet important testament to the terroir’s subtlety and complexity.

The Aged Editions are enriched annually, crafted from rare Borderies and Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, and released in small batches in individually numbered bottles (Note: only 240 bottles of each Aged Edition are available in Singapore.)

For those looking for an impeccable and remarkable bottle, conclude the journey through time on a high note with the Martell Single Cru – Vintage Edition, a celebration of terroir and vintage. Crafted from a single eau-de-vie sourced from a single terroir in a single year, the release is an exceptional bottle that showcases the skillset of Cellar Master Christophe Valtaudgem.

Martell Single Cru Borderies 1999

The Martell Single Cru Borderies 1999 (S$3000) embodies the essence of the Gallienne estate, harvested during a challenging year that resulted in lower volumes but exceptional quality. Aged for 23 years, this cognac offers a complete multi-sensory experience, with notes of candied fruit, linden blossom, and citrus—a true masterpiece of terroir and craftsmanship.

Presented in a precious, numbered bottle, the Martell Single Cru – Vintage Edition is released in exceptionally limited quantities (120 bottles in Singapore)—a testament to the rarity of this exquisite creation, ideally for collectors.

Whether for celebrating a special occasion or as a form of alternative investment, the Martell Grand Cru Editions offers a unique opportunity to savor the finest expressions of Cognac terroir. Each bottle is a testament to Maison Martell’s unwavering commitment to excellence, making it a must-have addition to any discerning connoisseur’s collection.

The Martell Single Cru Discovery Editions and Aged Editions are available now at select retail stores and outlets. However, the Vintage edition is only available from May 2024 via select retail stores and Le Cercle.

The entire Martell Single Cru collection is also available via Le Cercle by Pernod Ricard for its Le Cercle members.