Hot! Express your love for your Mom with Châteraisé customisable Mother’s Day Cake!

Mother's Portrait Whole Cake 15cm

Châteraisé, Japan’s number one confectionery manufacturer has launched its first-ever customisable Mother’s Day Cake: the Mother’s Portrait Whole Cake 15cm (S$45). This delicious offering features three layers of fresh cream, vanilla sponge cake as well as strawberry sauce with fresh strawberries. Use chocolate pens to design the motifs or write sweet messages to express your love for your mother!

Besides the customisable cake, Châteraisé is also offering seven other Mother’s Day Cakes, all specially imported from Japan, and their whole cakes retail at the unbelievable price of S$20 onwards.

Mother’s Day Strawberry Cake (S$6.50): This dome-shaped offering hides many treasures: vanilla sponge, fresh strawberry cream, condensed milk fresh cream, strawberry jelly, cheese mousse and framboise.

Mothers Day Strawberry Cake ,Legendary Fresh Cream Cake

Mother’s Day Chocolate Fresh Cream Whole Cake (S$20): Encased within the indulgent chocolate sponge is chocolate with cereal. The sponge is then covered with rich and luscious chocolate fresh cream.

Mother's Day Pure Heart Whole Cake 14cm

Mother’s Day Pure Heart Whole Cake (S$30): Elegant and pleasing to the eye, this heart-shaped cake comes with fresh cream, fresh strawberry cream, freeze-dried strawberries and vanilla sponge.

Mother's Day Love Blossom Whole Cake 18cm

Mother’s Day Love Blossom Whole Cake (S$53): This masterpiece is a showcase of fresh cream, strawberry sauce with strawberry and sponge.

Mother’s Day Thank You Whole Cake (S$30): This stunning offering is studded with strawberries, and features fresh cream, strawberry sauce with strawberry and vanilla sponge.

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Sweet Strawberry Roll (S$32): The vanilla sponge cake is rolled with fresh white chocolate cream, fresh cream, and chocolate with cereal.

Mother’s Day Fruits Zebra Whole Cake (S$40): Fragrant thin crepes are layered with fresh velvety cream. The base is airy vanilla sponge cake.

The Mother’s Day cakes are available from 1 May 2019 while stocks last. Reserve any of the Mother’s Day Whole Cakes from now until 9 May 2019 and get a complimentary Double Fantasy Cream Puff. Châteraisé has sold over 500 million pieces of its Double Fantasy Cream Puff in Japan.

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