Hot! Fall In Love with The Limited-Edition Sanrio-Themed Baked Mooncake Sets

Sanrio Music Box

Cheers and FairPrice Xpress launches three limited-edition baked mooncake sets featuring the beloved Hello Kitty and My Melody characters! Each set will come with keepsake boxes as well as collectibles, making them a perfect gift for the biggest Sanrio fan you know. 

Cheers and FairPrice Xpress are the first to launch the Sanrio-themed mooncake sets in Singapore, which are available for sale till 21 September 2021. There are three popular sets to choose from, each with a must-have collectible. Adding to the cuteness are matching paper bags, which can be repurposed or reused.

Sanrio Odyssey Music Box (4 pcs): Wind up the music box and let it play while enjoying your mooncakes! Coming with an additional six pieces of postcards and envelopes, the set is complete with Dynasty Amber Walnut Mooncake, Meteor Wave Cherries Mooncake, Royale Dark Musang King Mooncake and Shang-moon Emerald Lotus Salted Egg Lava Mooncake.

My Melody Lunch Box

Beauty My Melody Lunch Bag (2 pcs): Pack your meals in this gorgeous lunch bag! After your meal, sink your teeth into the Chocolate Lotus Caramel Lava Mooncake and Pandan Lotus Mango Lava Mooncake.

Hello Kitty Box

Hello Kitty Collector Gift Box (4 pcs): The baked mooncakes come with Hello Kitty motifs — they are almost too cute to eat! The flavours are Bamboo Charcoal White Lotus Salted Egg Lava, Durian Lotus Musang King Lava, White Lotus Double Yolks and Pandan Lotus Single Yolk.

The Sanrio-themed Mooncakes are exclusively available at Cheers & FairPrice Xpress in Limited 500 sets only. Prices range from S$68.80 to S$139.90. While stocks last!

Early Bird Discount from 17 August to 8 September
•Sanrio Odyssey Music Box (Promo Price: S$125.90, U.P S$139.90)
•Beauty My Melody Lunch Bag (Promo Price: S$58.80, U.P S$68.80)
•Hello Kitty Collector Gift Box (Promo Price: S$79.90, U.P S$89.90)

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