Hot! Feel the Warmth from Sushi Tei’s Winter Delights!

Sushi Tei

CONTENT: Adriel Yong

While Singapore doesn’t experience the winter chills, Sushi Tei’s Winter delights is set to warm both the stomach and heart with premium classic ingredients such as A5 Snow Wagyu Beef, Fatty Tuna and Marumi Pork. The focus on seasonal specials has been a highlight for the sushi chain that has been around for more than two decades.

We started off with the Maguro Trio Temari (S$13.80), which came with the prized cuts of the tuna belly: otoro (fattiest part), chutoro (medium fatty) and akami (lean). The ratio of rice to fish was perfect for us and each cut of tuna was garnished differently with items such as ikura and minced tuna. For the uninitiated, the fatty tuna belly is one of the most prized sashimi cuts because of its melt in the mouth texture and delicate sweetness.

A5 Snow Wagyu Don

The other seasonal special that got us excited was the A5 Snow Wagyu Steak (S$34.80). The striploin is pan-fried and served with a special sauce. Each slice is evenly cooked to a nice pinkish hue with a tender bite – reminiscent of high quality wagyu. The Japanese black wagyu used for this steak hail from the expansive farms in north-eastern Japan.

For a more substantive items to feed the family we would recommend the Fuyu Bara Don (S$19.80) which utilises an assortment of salmon sashimi, sweet shrimp and grilled premium eel. All the ingredients are arrayed on sushi rice, garnished with crab flakes and finished with a spicy sauce mixed with sesame sauce. The spicy sauce makes this don especially impressionable and addictive. This is definitely one of the dishes that would warm you up during a cold winter.

Marumi Pork Goma Nabe

The real fire for the cold season is definitely hotpot. Sushi Tei’s Marumi Pork Goma Nabe (S$11.80) features an individual portion pot with premium ingredients such as the Marumi Pork that has a nice sweet flavour that seeps through the sesame based broth. The Marumi pigs are fed a corn-based diet rich with plant based proteins which results in the high quality meat. This is a substantial pot that comes with glass noodles as well as various vegetables that gives the dish a natural sweetness.

Matcha Tofu Cheesecake

Given the numerous warm dishes, a beer would be the perfect accompaniment for the meal. For this reason, Sushi Tei has created a Sushi Tei Beer Cocktail (S$9.80), which has sweet floral notes and the refreshing fizziness of an ice cold beer. This drink will definitely douse out any flames arising from the various winter delights. For dessert, there is also a Matcha Tofu Cheesecake (S$5.80), which is not too heavy on the palate and has a nice silky texture.

You might miss the snow from the winter season but you do not want to miss Sushi Tei’s winter delights! The seasonal menu will be available from 15 December 2021 till 15 March 2022.

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