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Ramada Singapore - Flavours At Zhongshan Park

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Opened in May 2013, Flavours Restaurant has created various tantalizing dining experiences; from Peranakan, Modern Asian to hawker favourites and has managed to captivate local taste buds over the years.

To that end, Flavours Restaurant at The Ramada Singapore Hotel has recently appointed Terence Sia as the new Chef de Cuisine for their restaurant. In his new appointment, Chef Terence will oversee all culinary aspects and has revamped the menu at Flavours Restaurant to give diners a new revitalized dining experience.

Chef Terence comes to Ramada Singapore with over 18 years of culinary experience under his belt in both Singapore and Macau. He is adept at a variety of cuisines such as Brazilian, Mediterranean and Modern European. During his tenure with the one Michelin-starred Osia Restaurant, he was given the opportunity to collaborate with Veteran Chef Furgus Henderson of St John Restaurant in London during the World Gourmet Summit in 2012.

The refreshed dining concept will introduce a brand new a la carte dinner menu offering Local, Asian and Western favourites. The new menu is carefully engineered by Chef Terence, together with their Executive Sous Chef, Aw Yong Kin, who is the main advisor for the Asian selection. The popular Asian lunch buffet will remain as part of their daily lunch offering.

Pan roasted angus filet rossini

Chef Terence’s take on western signatures with a sophisticated touch. The Burrantina salad (S$17.90) contains a reasonable portion of cheese that could put other restaurants to shame. However, they could have separated the cheese and vegetables from each other due to the juices of the tomatoes interfering with the taste of the cheese. through but the combination of both ingredients work, and an appropriate amount of olive oil used to glaze the cheese was appreciated. Star western items on the new menu include the Pan Roasted Angus Filet Rossini (S$49.90), served with asparagus, new herb roasted potato in madeira truffle sauce. The Hazelnut Crusted Baked Cod (S$39.90) is one of the must order dishes on the western menu. The fish tasted rather fresh and was very nicely cooked- just slice open the fish to see if the tale rings true. The assortment of vegetables that was paired with the fish provides a good break and balance from the richness of the protein. Not only is this dish delicious, but it makes for a healthier alternative for a main course!

As for the Asian selection, the Braised Crabmeat Broth with Fish Maw (S$14.90) contains rather generous amounts of fish maw and crabmeat in it. The broth doesn’t have an overly thick texture when scooped up by a spoon and does not leave a very jelat feeling afterwards in the mouth., However, dp slurp up the soup fast because the soup gets cold rather quickly.

The Chicken Masala (S$22.90) is highly recommended as a local main course. The curry was not overly spicy and had very a rather strong herbal scent due to ther herbs in the curry. The chicken had a very rustic flavour to it and was nicely marinated with the curry, ensuring each part of the protein was thoroughly coated with the good stuff. The Chicken Masala comes with a portion of fragrant biryani rice to go along with the curry. Just coat the rice with a generous portion of curry and a few pieces of chicken and await for the immement flavour explosion in the mouth. Prawn crackers are also served up with a side of Raita dip- a minty yoghurt based dipping sauce that is sure to wet the appetite before hitting the Chicken Masala!

The Baked Cod Fish with Barbecue Sauce (S$36.90) topped off with luxurious amounts of egg white and the Stewed Prawn with Crystal Vermicelli (S$29.90) are some of the restaurant’s other signature dishes. The Claypot Braised Beancurd (Starting from S$22.90) is an excellent dish for sharing amongst family and friends and is a common dish that is often cooked at home. What makes this dish special is that customers are able to choose from three different options: vegetarian, seafood or mini abalone.

Stewed prawn with crystal vermicelli

For desserts, the Durian Pengat (S$10.90) is a definite favourite that would astound many taste buds and pay homage to many Singaporeans’ favourite fruit! For the amount, the portion given on the plate was extremely generous- to the point that it was too much for even one person to finish. The dessert was extremely rich in it’s durian taste and had a rather sweet finish to it. This dish should have been served with the durian husk or a serving of their Cheng Teng (S$9.90) as the dessert will dry out the mouth in a matter of minutes and leave the throat dry and hoarse the next day- so remember to keep hydrated once the dessert is dealt with.

The Champagne Gelee (S$16.90) acts as a refreshing dessert that helps to relieve the palate after a heavy dinner. The jelly in the dessert is not overly sweet and works as a light finish to a hearty meal!

Flavours Restaurant is located at Ramada Hotel,16 Ah Hood Road, Singapore 329982.

Flavours Restaurant is open daily from 6am to 10pm.

For more information or reservations, please call:  6808 6846, email  or visit: .

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