Free Flow Bubble Tea & Taiwanese Snacks Buffet At Wong Fu Fu

Wong Fu Fu

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Mention Taiwan and almost everyone would immediately think of their street food. Bubble tea, beef noodles, mee sua, shaved ice… the options are endless! At Wong Fu Fu, you can indulge in an authentic Taiwanese food experience, with a curated selection of some of Taiwan’s best street food dishes.

The highlight of Wong Fu Fu has to be their free flow bubble tea, salad and soup combo. Their milk tea is sugar free, with a very strong tea taste. Create your own bubble tea concoction by adding sugar syrup or any of the 9 toppings like milk pudding, aloe vera cubes, popping boba, coconut jelly, and of course – the quintessential tapioca pearls.

The mini buffet has a varied selection of bites that could almost double up as a full meal to fill you up. Have a bowl of mee sua, and add in sambal chilli and vinegar to taste. Other must tries include the mala popcorn chicken, green beans, scallion pancakes, three-cup chicken, tofu and tofu egg. Across both hot and cold snacks, there are at least 15 different options to pick from!


Opt for having the snack and bubble tea buffet to snack on, or to complement a main dish. The mains on the menu are Taiwan-style hot plates, noodles, and a huge XL Gua Bao. The hot plates are the restaurant’s signature, with the a huge Taiwan Fried Chicken served with either Taiwan egg fried rice or noodles and a fried egg. Other meat options include Beef Striploin, Grilled Salmon, Grilled Chicken, and a plant-based Hamburg steak.

The huge XL Gua Bao is inspired by the soft Chinese bun and fried mantou, and stuffed with a protein. The XL Fried Battered Fish With Mentaiko Gua Bao comes sandwiched with two battered pieces of fish and smothered with torched Japanese mentaiko sauce and topped with umami bonito flakes. Served with some veg and fries on the side, the XL Gua Bao is exactly how we would imagine a Chinese hamburger would taste like. Other exciting flavours include the Salted Egg Yolk Fried Chicken with Cereal, Mala Grilled Chicken, and Pulled Braised Beef with Peanut Sauce.


The final main is none other than Madam Wong’s Beef Noodles. The Signature Braised Beef Noodle is a gamey and satisfying bowl that packs a punch. The clear yet punchy broth comes with plenty of sides like corn and mushroom. For those who have a lighter palette, the Tomato Noodle Soup with Taiwan Fried Chicken is equally satisfying, especially when it pours and the weather cools.

If you still have stomach space, finish off with another classic Taiwanese dessert. The Lychee Rose Berry Milk Shaved Ice or the sweet-savoury combo of Matcha Red Bean Milk Shaved Ice.

Wong Fu Fu is also halal-certified, and has an Impossible Meat option on the menu for the vegetarians. On Sundays, kids eat free with every paying adult. With options catering to everyone, drop by the casual eatery to get your fix of Taiwanese food. You definitely won’t leave hungry!

Wong Fu Fu is located at 776 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198744. Open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 12-10pm.