Hot! Ganko Sushi from Japan Launches 101st Outlet in Singapore

Ganko Sushi

CONTENT: Adriel Yong

Having achieved tremendous success in Osaka and Hong Kong, Ganko Sushi from Japan has launched its first outlet in Singapore, the 101st outlet globally. The family-style restaurant’s humble origins began in 1963 in a fifteen square metre shop in Juso, Osaka.

The restaurant offers a wide array of premium Japanese dishes at an affordable pricing from its highly accessible new location at 9 Penang Road (old Park Mall) which is just a short walk from Dhoby Ghaut MRT. As we entered the restaurant, we were regaled with the warmth of the staff and the use of furniture with strong Japanese hints that almost tricked us into thinking that we teleported to Osaka.

We started off with a Sushi Platter 8 Types featuring an assortment of freshly sliced fish and traditional Japanese sushi items such as Chopped Tuna Roll with Spring Onion (Negitoro), Japanese Amber Jack (Buri), Tuna (Akami), Eel (Unagi), Salmon, Salmon Roe (Ikura), Sea Urchin (Murasaki Uni) and a Homemade Thick Roasted Egg (Tamago). The sweetness of the freshly sliced fish is testament to Ganko’s commitment to using the freshest ingredients. They fly in their fish three times a week from Japan’s Osaka Fish Market. In addition, Ganko uses Murasaki Uni from Hokkaido, a purple Uni that’s of higher quality than the more common Bafun Uni, with a creamier texture and sweeter taste.

Assorted Sushi

The platter gave a broad survey of the range of fish available at Ganko. We then tried two of their premium sushi dishes: the Seared Fatty Tuna Sushi and Seared Jumbo Scallops with Citrus Salt. The former is served with a special vinegar jelly comprising ponzu jelly and Japanese chives, a perfect accompaniment for the fatty tuna. The latter is seared with citrus salt which elevates the natural sweetness of the plump and luscious scallops. It was difficult to decide which was the winner between the two.

The star of our meal was the Lotus Root Manju. It comprises grated Japanese lotus root which is then made into balls and steamed before being served with a thickened bonito stock base. This seems to be rarely served in Japanese restaurants in Singapore and it was an incredibly delicious and memorable dish for us. We also had Bamboo Shoot with Monaka which contains chopped up Japanese bamboo, squid cubes and a delicious kinome leaf miso base that deliciously melds together the bamboo and squid stuffing.

Bamboo Sprouts and Shoots in Monaka

For those who would like to have a substantive lunch, we would recommend their Rice Bowl topped with Seafood (Kaisen Don) which has generous thick servings of freshly sliced seafood which is also used in the different sushi platters. Our bowl came with Seabream (Tai), Blue Fin Tuna (Akami), Salmon, Buri, Ikura and Giant Shrimp (Botan Ebi). Suffice to say, we were incredibly satisfied after having that extra dose of sashimi.

In case you are spoilt for choice, or simply want more premium choices, Ganko Singapore also has a premium omakase menu available upon request. The restaurant’s Singapore outlet will have a place for both families and your Japanese food enthusiasts.

Ganko Sushi Singapore
9 Penang Road, #01-01, Singapore 238459
Operating Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11.30am-3.00pm; 5.30pm-10.00pm (Closed on Mondays)
Tel: +65 8828 2280

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