Griglia Open Fire Italian Kitchen: An Epicurean Journey Across Italy

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Griglia Open Fire Italian Kitchen stands as both a love letter to Italy and a bastion of culinary excellence.

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Tucked away in a bustling cityscape, Griglia persistently ignites excitement with each dish, unearthing the authentic regional flavors of Italy with an innovative twist. Chef Andrea De Paolo’s meticulous and inventive curation strikes a harmonious balance of finger foods, salads, sea and land offerings, grigliata (open fire grill), desserts and a compelling beverage selection.

Smoked Eel, Horseradish Trout Roe ( Finger Food)

The gastronomical journey opens with the Finger Food selection, epitomized by the beef tartare with confit egg served in a crisp taco shell and adorned with parmigiano shavings that offer a pleasing contrast of textures. The Smoked Eel, served on a buttery brioche with trout roe and horseradish atop, captivates the palate with its balance of smoky and creamy elements. The dish of confit tomatoes paired with spiced, house-made sourdough bread and avocado resonates with the summer freshness of Italy. Finally, the Marinated Olives, a symphony of briny martini olives meticulously prepared with 16 Italian herbs, gin, vodka, and Calabrese chili provide an adventurous bite.

Romanesco (Garden)

Wandering into the Garden section, the in-house Rustic Bread with Piennolo Tomato Sauce and a side of Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil represents an exquisite tribute to Naples. The Romanesco, accompanied by a creamy stracchino, bottarga, and Piedmont hazelnuts, persists as a testament to Italy’s diverse regional specialties. While this bread dish was not accompanied by balsamic vinegar, I was greeted with a range of small-batch, artisanal, aged balsamic vinegar that was incredibly complementary to the bread.

The Sea selection introduces the Hokkaido Scallops Crudo, lavishly smoked over an open flame grill and presented atop caramelized white corn kernels. The scallops, embraced by an Amalfi lemon butter sauce with a zing of capers, transport the diner straight to Italy’s coastal regions. I was also punched by the intense charcoal smokiness with every spoonful of white corn. The Saffron Rice captures attention with its golden hues, marinated in flavorful scampi broth, cooked over a charcoal flame, and garnished with fresh Sicilian red prawn tartare and a hint of Amalfi lemon.

The Land category features compelling mains such as the Grilled Bone Marrow topped with a parmesan crust and savored with a radish and salsa verde crostini. A showstopper and one that the crowd could not stop digging into for every last bit of marrow. The Pappardelle with braised pork jowl and crisp guanciale reigning as a crowd favorite and the Tuscan Chicken Liver Pâté injected with vinsanto gel are other must-tries.

30 Days Dry Aged Porterhouse 'Fiorentina' (land)

The delights extend to the Open Fire Grill, starring the Whole Mediterranean Seabass gently seasoned and precisely grilled. The 30 Days Dry Aged Porterhouse (Fiorentina) exquisitely cooked over the open fire grill and Suckling Pig Porchetta tenderly prepared over the grill for hours to achieve a juicy, flavorful core are supreme expressions of the Italian grigliata. While I would usually rave about a restaurant’s steak, the true highlights here are the suckling pig and seabass.

In the realm of Desserts, the Capri in a cake offers an intense lemon curd made from limoncello and fresh Amalfi lemon juice ensconced in a soft cake, accompanied by creamy vanilla gelato with Italian olive oil. The Cappuccinomisu, a perfect blend of buffalo mascarpone and port wine, capped with a cloud of cappuccino foam, is an ingenious adaptation of a classic tiramisu.

Wine and Cocktail Shelves

The curated Drinks list at Griglia is a delightful interplay of wines, cocktails, and liqueurs. The classic Negroni undergoes a makeover with traditional infusions such as rosemary, cocoa, and chili. The wine list belongs in a composition of refined tastes, featuring a La Tunella Sauvignon Blanc 2021, redolent with notes of melon, grapefruit, and a tantalizing tart lemon undertone; Vignamaggio Chianti Classico, charming with red-skinned berry, underbrush, and white pepper aromas, and the Carpineto ‘La Fornace’ Toscana 2012, a triumph of rich dark fruits, wet soil memories, and cassis wrapped in silky tannins. Finally, the Italian classic Limoncello, il Gusto della Costa Limoncello, hailing from the renowned Amalfi Coast, concludes an epicurean adventure on a sublime citrusy note.

Motivated by the authentic essence of Italian hospitality, Griglia Open Fire Italian Kitchen transforms an ordinary meal into an extraordinary, unforgettable culinary adventure, apt for any occasion.

37 Craig Road #01-01, Singapore 089675
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Sunday; Lunch 12.00 pm – 3.00 pm (Last order at 2.00 pm); Dinner 6.00 pm – 11.00 pm (Last order at 10.00 pm)

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