Hook Coffee Adds Drip Coffee Bags To Their Brewing Methods

Hook Coffee

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Adding to their growing collection of ways to make coffee, Hook Coffee now has drip bags! Not everyone might have a coffee machine or Nespresso machine on hand, and that’s drip bags come in handy.

The convenient bags come in individual filter sachets, which come sealed and boasts a one-step brewing process. As with pour over coffee, the drip bags also gives you more control over your brewed coffee. Pour 250ml for a more flavorful cup, or go for 150ml for an espresso shot. Leave the water sitting longer in the coffee grounds for a more robust flavor.

I liked how the drip bags were individually sealed as I could tote them around without being afraid of spilling the power. Even if you’re on the go, it was easy to tote them around as long as I had some hot water.

Butterfingers drip bag

Sold in packs of 10, the beans used in the drip bags are also freshly roasted in Singapore and sent out to customers within three days of roasting. As with freshly roasted beans, it’s not wise to stock them up as they can lose their potency and flavors. Hook Coffee also has monthly subscriptions where you get packs of coffee delivered to you regularly so that you always have a constant supply of freshly roasted coffee.

Currently, Hook Coffee has more than 15 different flavours of coffee for their drip bags, all featuring unique tasting notes like chocolate, fruit, flowers, and even caramel. Those who like light-bodied and flowery tastes can go for Flower Power, a lightly roasted bean with smoky and berry notes that goes down well during teatime. Choco-Lit is richer, with a refreshing acidity of oranges and brown sugar to kickstart your morning.

Other cheekily fun flavours include One In A Melon – a sweet and fruity brew – and 50 Shades Of Earl Grey – a floral coffee with citric notes.

Hook Coffee drip bags are now available online from $14 for 10 drop bags.

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