Hot! Hotpot Chain Xiabu Xiabu Famous for Individual Hotpot and Bubble Tea Arrives in Singapore

Xiabu Xiabu

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

No longer worry about mixing your soup with other people’s ingredients at Xiabu Xiabu, the latest famous China hotpot chain to arrive on our sunny shores! The hotpot chain is popular for the individual hotpots, where every diner has their own personal soup pots, and their delicious bubble tea.

Every diner can customize their own set, picking from 5 soup bases and the choice of meat or seafood, and a tea drink. All sets comes with a vegetable platter, condiments, unlimited noodles, dessert bar. But the most appealing is the affordable cost, with hotpot sets starting from S$28 – S$35, depending on the meat that you choose. The meat and seafood is also fresh, which makes the sets very value for money, especially when the average hotpot meal at Hai Di Lao or Beauty In The Pot will set you back at least S$50 per person.

1490-Beef Set

In addition to your chosen soup base, every pot comes with a dual soup of Mushroom soup on the side. The Mushroom soup is rich and full of flavour, with plenty of diced mushrooms that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with the other soup base. I had the Nanyang Curry Soup, a comforting curry soup that is slightly spicy, and I mixed in a couple spoonfuls of the mushroom soup for more flavour.

The portion of meat and vegetable which also includes tofu and fishcake is just filling enough, and if you’re still hungry, there’s an ala carte menu to order more items. Order the Prawn Paste which are balls of fresh minced prawn and the Fuzhou meatballs, meat-stuffed fishballs air flown in straight from Taiwan. There are also cooked dishes, featuring Taiwanese favourites like Chinese sausage and popcorn chicken, which is crispy and spicy.

Bubble tea lovers will get to enjoy their favourite beverage, as the hotpot restaurant also has tea drinks and bubble tea from Tea Mi Tea. The classic Da Hong Pao Bubble Tea is fragrant and not too sweet, and wasn’t as heavy as I expected.


The quintessential condiments bar has plenty of sauces and garnishes to create your own dipping sauce, including a creamy Xiabu Xiabu Sesame Sauce. Another signature sauce created by Xiabu Xiabu is the Peach Vinegar, which unexpectedly won the stamp of approval from everyone on our table. The Peach Vinegar is sweet and sour, with a refreshing citrusy kick that pairs well with savoury shabu shabu meats.

The dessert bar is another exclusive addition to the Singapore outlet, where diners can create their own ice slushie dessert. I felt like I was DIY-ing my own ice kacang, using the ice dispenser and drizzling brown sugar on top. As the hotpot meal was very heavy, I picked watermelon jelly and cucumber jelly to cleanse my tastebuds, but there were also savoury toppings like red bean and crushed peanuts.

Xiabu Xiabu
#01-03/04 Lazada One, Bras Basah Road.
Operating Hours: Open Daily 11:00am till 11:00pm

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