Hot! Impossible Foods Set To Launch New Impossible Pork Made From Plants

Impossible Foods

Following the launch of Impossible Chicken Nuggets Made From Plants, Impossible Foods annouces the launch of Impossible Pork Made From Plants, available in restaurants in Hong Kong starting on Oct. 4 and in Singapore later this fall.

Impossible Pork is vastly more sustainable than ground pork from pigs, using 81–85% less water, 66– 82% less land and generating 73–77% less greenhouse gas emissions based on an ISO conforming Life Cycle Assessment.

Like meat from pigs, Impossible Pork features a mild savory flavor and balanced umami richness without being gamey or overpowering. It can be served in any ground meat dish including spring rolls, meatballs, dumplings, xiao long bao, shumai or tacos, and can be cooked in a steamer, oven, charbroiler, flat-top grill or sauté pan.

Impossible Pork

In a blind taste test of more than 200 consumers in Hong Kong, Impossible Pork Made From Plants was preferred 54% to 46% over ground pork from pigs, scoring higher on all attributes tested, including overall liking, appearance liking, flavor liking, texture liking, and purchase intent.

Pork from pigs is one of the most consumed proteins in the world, and Impossible Pork is designed to be more delicious and far more sustainable while satisfying every culture and cuisine. Restaurants across Hong Kong and the United States can now order Impossible Pork for their menus from major foodservice distributors.

Impossible Pork will be available in Singapore in November at select restaurants.

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