Hot! Indulge in an Afternoon Tea with a hint of Honey!

Honey Bee Happy Afternoon Tea

CONTENT: Travis Wong

Savour a range of exquisite treats that promote attractiveness at Conrad Centennial Singapore’s lobby lounge with their new Honey themed Afternoon Tea offering.

The delicious Chia Seed Coconut Jelly and Ganache, as well as a mouth-watering mousse boosted with Wild Honey and Lychee Collagen, are just a few of the sophisticated guilty pleasures that are waiting for you!

Each guest enjoy one complimentary welcome drink (Ginger with lemon tea). A citrus based drink with a tinge of ginger, a delicious beverage to complement with the desserts!

Expect desserts such as the Chia Seed Coconut Jelly and Coconut Ganache which resembles a coconut husk made of dark chocolate with coconut ganache topped with chia seeds and coconut jelly. Aromatic, rich, and not too sweet describe the coconut flavour character. The chia seed and jelly give the dessert some bite, making it more palatable!

Another favourite is the Acai Thyme Honey Mango composed of white chocolate mousse, lemon curd, and hazelnut sponge. The hazelnut sponge appears firm, but I am surprised! I feel as though I am munching away on an extremely delicate chocolate bar. There is lemon curd, but it is not as tart as you might expect. The dessert with mild mango flavour is enhanced by the white chocolate mousse, making it enjoyable to indulge in.

Some other desserts include the Lychee Collagen Mousse with whole lychee cooked in syrup served with wild honey whip in a mousse. As a lychee enthusiast, combining lychee with honey is a wise choice! It tempts me to finish it even if it is a little sweet since it is so tasty!

Avocado lovers will enjoy the Avocado Cheesecake which uses Spirulina Jelly and Manuka Honey. Bitter chocolate is used for the cheesecake’s outer layer. Real avocado is used inside, textured like tofu, and it has a thick cheese filling which compliments the avocado!

Honey Bee Happy Afternoon Tea - Takeaway

The savoury selections equally compliment the afternoon tea set selections. We enjoyed the finely honey-infused chicken grilled chicken, apple cider pickles, and mustard in the Bourbon Manuka Honey Barbecue Chicken Slider with soft, gently toasted bun. A must-try!

As a salmon castigator, I can honestly say that the salmon used in Wild Honey, Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon and Dills Sandwiches is incredibly tasty and had no fishy taste, it is further complemented by the cream cheese on it.

Matcha lovers will enjoy the Matcha cream cheese smeared on the Elderflower Honey Figs, Pear and Raisin Chutney Pincho. The dessert’s overall flavour is slightly bitter thanks to the nutritious fig! The bread is soft, and when combined with the matcha cream cheese, it takes on a whole other level of deliciousness.

Overall, even though there are only eight items, two scones, and beverages, I enjoyed this delectable honey afternoon tea! The music coming from the piano playing in the lobby adds to the relaxing ambience.

Conrad Centennial Singapore’s Honey Bee Happy Afternoon Tea is available for dine-in and takeaway from now till 15th September 2022 with 2 seating: First Seating: 1pm – 3pm / Second Seating: 3:30pm – 5:30pm. Reserve Here 

Conrad Centennial Singapore, Lobby Lounge
Two Temasek Boulevard Singapore, S038982
Tel: +65 6432 7483

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