Indulge in the all- new Paris Baguette Big Biscoff Line-Up

CONTENT: Terence Yeo

Leading global bakery brand Paris Baguette has unveiled a sweet new collection in partnership with Lotus Bakeries. They will join hands for the first time to bring together an exciting limited-time only collaboration, infusing the iconic, one-of-a-kind crunchy and caramelised biscuit taste of Lotus Biscoff with Paris Baguette’s masterful creations and specialties in bread, cakes, and pastries.

The delectable lineup comprises seven irresistible treats, each bringing together a favourite of Lotus in combination with Paris Baguette’s very best. Indulge in the enchanting Lotus Biscoff Mini Cream Cube Toast (S$4.90), a delightful twist on the beloved classic. This heavenly treat combines luscious Lotus Biscoff cream, infused with the goodness of Lotus Biscoff biscuits and crumbs, resulting in an airy, fluffy texture that will captivate your taste buds.

Paris Baguette reimagines their signature creamy royal pudding with the Lotus Biscoff Royal Pudding (S$5.30). This version features a mousse cream and a delightful layer of jelly, both made with Biscoff, taking the classic to new favourite to new heights of pleasure.

Among the three new pastry additions, guests will find the Lotus Biscoff Caramelised Butter Pastry (S$5.40), featuring decadent caramelised butter pastry topped with a bountiful serving of cream cheese with Lotus Biscoff sauce and crunchy Biscoff biscuits. The Lotus Biscoff Almond Butter Pastry (S$4.90) presents a soft and buttery almond butter cream pastry, generously infused with Lotus Biscoff spread and topped off with a Lotus Biscoff biscuit. The Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Pastry (S$4.30) rounds off the trio of pastries with its classic crusty pastry adorned with delightful Lotus Biscoff sauce and two types of Lotus Biscoff sandwich cookies, promising a myriad of flavours in one bite.

For tart enthusiasts, the Lotus Biscoff Almond Cookie Tart (S$3.80) offers a simple yet crusty delight, baked with Paris Baguette’s special Lotus Biscoff and almond butter filling, a treat that will surely leave you wanting more.

At Paris Baguette, one cannot forget about the cakes – and this collection sees the exquisite creation of the Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake (S$53 for a whole cake, S$8.50 for a slice). This masterpiece is an extra-rich, no-bake cheesecake that artfully infuses the goodness of Lotus Biscoff biscuits. The creamy and smooth taste of the cheesecake perfectly complements the distinctive touch of caramel from the Lotus Biscoff, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours that is both sweet yet heartwarming all at once. Whether you choose a tempting slice or opt for the wholecake to share, this Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake is a true indulgence that promises to satisfy your cake cravings in the most delightful way possible.

Indulge in a delightful assortment of pastry delights from the Big Biscoff lineup, including the Mini Cream Cube Toast, Caramelised Butter Pastry, Almond Butter Pastry, and Sandwich Pastry. As part of the exclusive Signature Bread Bundle promotion available in-store, customers can savour any three of these delectable pastries for just $12.50.

To celebrate the launch of the special Lotus Biscoff Royal Pudding, Paris Baguette is delighted to introduce the enticing 3 for S$15 Royal Pudding Bundle promotion. Treat yourself to a delightful experience by mixing and matching any three puddings between the classic original flavour and the irresistible Lotus Biscoff flavour. Similarly, with the launch of the Lotus Biscoff Almond Cookie Tart, customers can enjoy it as part of Paris Baguette’s 4 for S$12 Tart Bundle promotion. Indulge in a divine assortment of flavors, including the classic ‘No. 1 Cheese Tart’ and the irresistible ‘Tiramisu Choco Cheese Tart’.

Head to any Paris Baguette outlet today and indulge in the mouthwatering delights of the Big Biscoff Lineup!

For a full list of products and store listings, please visit the Paris Baguette website.

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