Hot! &JOY Japanese Food Street Debuts at NEX with Eight Japanese Dining Concepts

[Signature] Chicken & Pork Set

CONTENT: Seraphina Tang

Craving for a taste of Japan while eagerly waiting for the VTL to open? Take a trip to NEX instead, where &JOY Japanese Food Street (previously known as Shokutsu Ten Japanese Food Street) has just opened its doors. Be spoiled for choice with a total of eight dining concepts, including Yakiniku-GO, Gokoku Japanese Bakery, RAMEN KIOU, and Shabu-GO.

Here’s a quick look at the concepts we tried:

For hotpot enthusiasts, don’t miss out on Shabu-GO, which is making its debut in Singapore and offering affordable and tasty Japanese-style hotpot, both for couples and individual diners. Prices start from a wallet-friendly S$9.90 for the Chicken Set, which comes with chicken, Japanese vermicelli, and a veggie platter. If you can’t decide what ingredients to have, go for the signature Pork & Beef set (S$20.90) – a value-for-money option that offers pork collar, beef short plate, Shabu-GO’s signature cuttlefish paste with corn, veggie platter and Japanese vermicelli. While each set comes with a choice of soup base, we highly recommend topping up for the Refreshing Yuzu Dashi – savoury and with delightful notes of citrus that make it ever so moreish. Until 7th November, Shabu-GO’s opening promotion also offers you a choice of Cuttlefish paste or Chicken Tsukune for S$2 (U.P. S$6) to savour with every Value-GO Set ordered.

At RAMEN KIOU, while its signature includes Torotama KIOU Ramen (S$14.50), we recommend going for the Deluxe Chashu Don (S$12.90) – Japanese rice topped with slices of fork-tender chashu and a wobbly onsen egg. Don’t miss out on their opening promotions, which offer you a meal for two with a choice of 1 ramen, 1 rice and 2 beverages at S$25.80.

Wagyu A5 Miyazaki Set - 3 Kinds

If you’re hankering for teppanyaki without breaking the bank, head to Yaki Yaki Bo and snag a bar seat to watch the teppanyaki chefs grill up your food before your eyes. From juicy Wagyu Beef Hamburg (S$7.90) to char-fragrant Pork Tomahawk (300g, S$32.90), there’s a whole slew of budget-friendly options here for you to get your teppanyaki fix. There’s even a mouthwateringly springy Konjac Ikayaki (S$7.90) for Meatless Mondays, or those who want to have a taste of grilled squid without the usual fishiness.

Meat-lovers, don’t miss out either on Yakiniku-GO, where smoke-free electric grills used ensure you can have your fill of grilled meats and leave without the scent of it staining your clothes. Go for the 3 Kinds Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Set (S$32.80), where you can indulge in tender and well-marbled premium beef cuts at a value-for-money price. There a Nakaochi Karubi (beef rib finger, from S$7.90) and Supreme Topside (a lean beef cut from the inner thigh muscle, from S$6.90).


Make a stop at Gokoku Japanese Bakery to grab some buns before you leave. We especially enjoyed the Mochi Mochi Cheese – no dry bites of flour here, only pillowy-soft goodness paired with savoury cubes of cheese. We recommend having it lightly toasted for maximum cheese enjoyment.

With so many options at wallet-friendly prices, what’s stopping you from taking a trip down and experiencing a taste of Japan right in the heartlands?

&JOY Japanese Food Street (NEX)
23 Serangoon Central, #B1-78 NEX, Singapore 556083

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