Hot! JRE Spotlights Healthy Living with their Innovative Rice Treats

Japan Rice Export

Content: Michelle Ng

Most people think of rice as unhealthy carbs, even though they are a classic staple in our diets. The Japan Rice and Rice Industry Export Promotion Association (also known as JRE) comprises of renowned Japanese sake, rice, and rice crackers manufacturers that work together to bring healthy rice and rice products to us.

While white rice (especially the plump grains from Japan), can be fattening, the lineup is shining the spotlight on lower-calorie brown rice, that is just as delicious as white rice, but contains more nutrients and fewer calories. The brown rice is easy to cook; only requiring an hour for pre-soaking compared to the traditional brown rice’s 20-hour prep time.

Also new to launch is the Brown Rice with 7 Kinds Of Beans that comes prepacked in a single portion. You can boil the pack directly in water for about 15 minutes, or just place it in the microwave, which makes for a convenient meal on days that I’m rushing at work. The rice comes with 7 types of beans that adds flavor and is good enough to eat on its own!


Make pancakes from the Kinmemai Rice Flour Pancake Mix to whip up moist and fluffy pancakes. As it uses and rice flour, the pancakes are also not too sweet. If pancakes are not your thing, you can also use the rice flour to make cakes and breads. Since no wheat flour is used, the Kinmemai Rice Flour Pancake Mix is great for people with wheat allergies or just want to be conscious of their health.

My favourite pairing was the Amabuki Junmai Ginjo Strawberry Fresh Yeast and the Fun Wari Meijin Black Sesame that is great as a midday snack or enjoyed together with friends to wind down a busy week. The Strawberry Fresh Yeast is a new fruity creation from the Amabuki brewery, and has a rich sweetness that was light on the palate. The sake was surprisingly strong too, and it had a kick that pairs well with savory foods. The Fun Wari Meijin Black Sesame is a crunchy dehydrated rice cracker snack that has a soft core and coated with black sesame powder for that rich taste.

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