Hot! Kam’s Roast Unveils It’s Premium 23 Year Aged Chenpi Infused Pipa Duck

Kams Roast

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie
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Since launching it’s original duck dish on the 8th of November last year and revamping it golden for this year’s Chinese New Year, Kam’s Roast has came up with a new rendition, Pipa Duck marinated with 23-year aged Chenpi! Chenpi or aged Orange Peel, one of Guangzhou’s 3 Treasures and the longer it is aged, the higher the quality.

Even the Executive Chef of Kam’s Roast, Chef Wong Kwan Sang who hails from Hong Kong, proclaimed that Chenpi was more expensive and precious back in his home country than a vintage bottle of wine! The duck is marinated with highly prized 23-year aged Chenpi sauce and a secret mix of seasoning ingredients handed down for generations by the Founder of Hong Kong Yung Kee Restaurant Mr Kam Shui Fai. The duck is then roasted to perfection, with flavours permeating through every part of the duck, from the crispy skin right down to the bones.

The Pipa Duck ($78++) boasts an extremely super crispy skin, and the meat juicy and tender with fat. The duck first has to be splayed open, then generously marinated and seasoned. Each duck is then carefully roasted for around 45 minutes the traditional way, bringing out the unique fragrance of the premium aged orange peel strong enough to reach your noses even before it hits the table.

Note: Because of the amount of effort required to make this dish, customers will need to order it one day in advance and is available only in limited quantities.

Kam’s Roast is located at: Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road #01-04/05/06/07, Singapore 228210

Kam’s Roast is open daily from 11am to 10pm

For more information please call +65 6837788 or visit:

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