Hot! Macallan EDITION NO.3: A Spicy Blend of Discovery Between The Macallan and Roja Dove

Edition No. 3

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

The Macallan has unveiled Edition No. 3 – a new limited edition whisky. This third release in the innovative Edition Series is a dynamic and highly original collaboration between The Macallan’s Master Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno and Master Perfumer, Roja Dove fusing the worlds of whisky and aroma to reveal the complexities of a single malt whisky.

Continuing the diverse story of The Macallan’s oak casks and their obsession with wood, the focus has remained on the commitment introduced with the previous two editions to unlock the intricate workings of the whisky making process. The Edition No. 3 exposes the detail of its creation for true transparency, and showcases the absolute skill of the Master Whisky Maker. To that end, The Edition No. 3 provides an insight into the distinctive aromas that combine to build character and depth and create a multi-sensory experience of taste and aroma.

A Sensory Journey Macallan Editon No.3

From commemorating life experiences to recalling special memories, the power of fragance is unquestionable and it is this power which makes the approach to Edition No. 3 truly mesmerizing, as Roja Dove and Bob Dalgarno embarked on a sensory journey of discovery. As one of the world’s most respected Master Perfumers, Roja Dove provided his remarkable sensory knowledge and experience to describe distinctive aromas in particular oak casks. Subsequently, Bob Dalgarno utilised this articulation of aromas to select dominant notes to help shape the final character of Edition No. 3.

The Macallan’s exceptional oak casks are the greatest contributor to the outstanding quality, natural colours and distinctive aromas and flavours of The Macallan and the use of a higher proportion of smaller casks in Edition No. 3 increased the contact between the spirit and the wood, delivering an intense experience of flavour and aroma.

A Sensory Journey

Crafted from a combination of exceptional European and American oak casks, The Edition No. 3 balances a heavier base derived from Tevasa casks and reflective of The Macallan character, with the fresh cut oak and citrus of Hudosa casks, the vanilla ice cream and sweet, crisp green apple flavours of bourbon casks and the dry, floral and vanilla notes from European and American oak refill casks.

Bob Dalgarno, The Macallan’s Master Whisky Maker, said: “Inspiration and innovation lie at the heart of The Macallan and in Edition No. 3 we have collaborated with one of the world’s most respected aroma experts to create a single malt whisky which pushes the boundaries and challenges convention. The Edition Series provides the freedom to look beyond the cask styles typically used in other Macallan whiskies. There are great parallels between the worlds of whisky and perfume and it has been fascinating to work with Roja to explore the power of aroma in individual oak casks and its influence on the resulting whisky. Edition No. 3 is a remarkable journey of the senses, delivering an intense experience of flavour and aroma.”

Roja Dove

Roja Dove, Master Perfumer, said: “On the surface it would seem that Bob and I came from disparate worlds. From the beginning it was obvious we shared much in common which we have explored and developed in many different ways. The inevitable culmination of this collaboration was the creation of Edition No. 3. We have worked together to master the balance of taste and aroma, resulting in an incredibly flavoursome, fresh and citrus whisky with enveloping sweetness. Edition No. 3 is an exceptional example of the whisky maker’s art, where Bob has interpreted my thoughts so accurately, when combined with the extraordinary power of scent.”

A Sensory Journey Image

With an ABV of 48.3%, Edition No. 3 is a sensory journey of flavour and aroma intimately entwined. Presenting a sweet and fruity character, it brings to the fore notes of vanilla, fresh cut oak, delicate florals and rich fruit cake. Personally, I have managed to procure a bottle of the magical elixir for myself and found the rich golden colour of the drink to be extremely alluring. Although the whisky tastes sweet and aromatic, the finish does have a slight spicy feel to it. However, the Edition No.3 is an alluring whisky that challenges the expectations and reflects the artistic genius of the collaborators who united to curate this distinctive single malt. A definite must-buy for anyone who is either a whisky collector or connoisseur!

The Macallan Edition No.3 will be available at the recommended retail price ofS$ 190.00 (before GST).

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