Hot! Magnum Launches New Magnum Double Chocolate Blueberry!

Magnum Double Chocolate Blueberry

CONTENT: Andrew Kho
IMAGE: Luxe Multimedia

Magnum brings the sweet and juicy blueberry to its newest Magnum Double Chocolate Blueberry!

This new flavour from Magnum is coated with its signature classic Belgian milk chocolate and filled with a velvety smooth dark chocolate ice cream along with chocolate compound and swirled with thick real blueberry sauce.

The combination of Dark Chocolate and Blueberry balances out the flavours encased within each layer and will give you a luscious tempting experience.


The limited-edition Magnum Double Chocolate Blueberry is now available at all major super/hypermarkets, RedMart as well as Foodpanda ( in select territories) at the recommended retail price of S$10.90 for a multipack of three and is also available in the Impulse size for S$3.90 each.

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