Michelin-Starred Omakase Restaurant Zuicho Brings a Harmony of Japanese Flavours to Singapore

Zuicho Singapore, Mandarin Oriental

CONTENT: Michelle Ng
IMAGE: Zuicho

The love for all things Japan is ubiquitous amongst Singaporeans, and the omakase or kappo experience is the penultimate enjoyment of Japanese cuisine even here. Having attained Michelin Star status in Hong Kong, Kappo restaurant Zuicho has now set its sights on Singapore to bring the best of Japanese flavours here. Zuicho Singapore is helmed by head chef Kenji Takahashi, who comes from the equally decorated Yoshifuku in Ginza.

Stepping into Zuicho Singapore on the third level of Mandarin Oriental Singapore, we are immediately immersed into a Japanese zen ambience. Floral displays and wooden slats that are typical of Japanese flair greet us as we settle onto the 8-seater bar counter. The wall-to-ceiling windows open to views of the Singapore skyline with the MBS towers and Art Science Museum shining brightly at night. Come for dinner at 6 or 7pm to be treated to a lovely sunset that washes the skyline in shades of orange before the buildings light up in the dark of the night.

The omakase menu comes in a few different options, all featuring dishes that brings out the fresh flavours of the ingredients, which are airflown from Japan to Singapore three times a week. The Premium Omakase Course and other menus are often changed depending on the seasonal ingredients from Japan, which often follow the four seasons of Japan.


The omakase experience is an intimate one, with front row views Chef Takahashi preparing all the dishes and scoring fresh sashimi right in front of our eyes. Part of the excitement was also guessing what he would serve us next. The first course is a cold appetizer, a Karuma Ebi served with Komochi Konbu in a tangy and tart dressing that opens up our appetite for the A5 Miyazaki Wagyu. Done in two ways, the wagyu is grilled over Binchotan charcoal and fried, and served with a watercress sauce and freshly grated wasabi.

Then came a selection of sashimi: a trio of Menuke (pacific perch), Shima Aji (striped jack), and Aori Squid. The fish was so fresh, it made me think of the taste of the ocean and want to go to Japan. A lukewarm chawanmushi followed, with shaved black truffles and Lily Bulb that gave a burst of umami. The special dish assembled by Chef Takashi was a circular sushi stacked with marinated tuna, a thick layer of caviar for an exquisite burst of flavour when wrapped in salty nori seaweed.

We liked how each course was paced in a way where there was a mix of cold and hot dishes to keep our tastebuds excited. The personal hotpot was a comforting bowl of milky soup with shredded snow crab and Konjac noodles, followed by A5 Wagyu Sirloin cooked in Jibun-ni style where there is a bit of broth mixed with a raw egg yolk. And of course, there was a scoop of rice to mop up the leftover broth cos we don’t want anything to go to waste!

TakiKomi” Rice with Teriyaki Salmon and Salmon Roe

Eventually we arrived at the end of the mains with a Tuna handroll overflowing with Bafun Uni where we went to uni heaven, before reveling in a Takikomi Rice Bowl of more shredded snow crab, eggs and rice. The rice had chopped shiso leaf for hints of mints. And we weren’t even done yet! The second serving of the Takikomi came with soup and pairs well with the pickled cucumbers.

For dessert, we had the pleasure of seeing Chef Takahashi make fresh mochi right in front of our eyes as he rolled the dough and cooked it. The warm mochi was sandwiched with Monaka biscuits and brown sugar ice cream, and was heavenly to the bite with soft, gooey mochi and cold, sweet ice cream melting together.

Throughout our entire meal, we noticed that the service level was impeccable. Any spillage was immediately wiped away and the sake level in my cup never seemed to dip all night long. Another group next to us had someone who preferred not to eat tuna or shellfish, but substitute dishes of equal deliciousness was served up. Meticulous details like changing the earthy hojicha for a lighter green tea and the absence of metal cutlery did not escape our eye. If you’re going to splurge on an omakase, indulge in Zuicho’s for an unparalleled omakase experience that promises to take you on a gastronomic journey to Japan.

Zuicho Singapore is located at Level 3, Mandarin Oriental Singapore, 5 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039797. Reserve by contacting +65 6885 3595 or email reservation@zuicho-kappo.com