Hot! NEXT Meats Launches New Alternative Protein Burger 2.0

Next Meats

CONTENT: Adriel Yong

You would have heard of Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods and even JUST Egg as some of the alternative protein options in the market currently in Singapore. Next up, we have NEXT Meats from Japan that will join these prominent brands in selected retail stores in Singapore, giving plant-based food lovers another valuable option!

NEXT Meats is debuting on Japanese e-grocer Zairyo, with four different products: NEXT Burger 2.0 (comes in a packet of four pieces), NEXT Gyudon (plant-based beef bowl), NEXT Harami Yakiniku (plant-based Skirt Steak Yakiniku) and NEXT Karubi Yakiniku (plant-based Short Rib Yakiniku).

Burger Patty

We had the opportunity to try NEXT Meats Burger Patty which can be easily cooked by pan-frying or oven baking for just three to four minutes, even when frozen. Besides using it as a burger patty for buns, you can have it sandwiched between breads and bagels as well. For the more adventurous, you could try it with Japanese curry or even as a loco moco bowl. The possibilities are endless with NEXT Meats.

NEXT Meats was founded in Tokyo and its products are carefully produced using non-GMO soy and pea proteins in factories that meet HACCP, ISO and Halal certification standards, without any use of artificial additives. Its products are vegan friendly as well.

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