Hot! Nourish your Body and the Earth with Australia’s Roots Regenerative USDA-Certified Beef

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CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Roots Regenerative, the next generation beef produced from regenerative agriculture which heals and regenerates the natural environment, has finally made its way into Singapore. It brings its signature brand of beef farmed through a specific set of farming principles that prioritizes the health of the ecosystem above all else. It doesn’t only sustain the current state of the environment, but actively regenerates it. Regenerative agriculture goes beyond being sustainable–it heals and regenerates the land as compared to conventional farming techniques that are causing irreversible damage to the land and is a significant contributor to global warming.

“We are proud to represent the Regenerative agricultural community by telling their story through the six roots of regenerative beef; increased soil health, increased biodiversity, increased carbon sequestration, enhanced water cycle, enhanced animal wellbeing and enhanced farmer wellbeing.

“We have spent 18 months working with Australian Regenerative beef producers to develop our three-step verification system to give consumers confidence in the program. We hope the conscious consumers of Singapore enjoy the benefits of Roots Regenerative–the next generation of grass-fed beef which will nourish your body and nurture the earth.” said Daniel Selwood, the Program Leader of Roots Regenerative.


In such a vilified industry, Roots Regenerative’s Six Roots of Regenerative Grass-fed Beef Nutritious, wholesome beef should be hailed as a revolutionary technique given the harm conventional farming has done to the environment. Based on that belief, Roots Regenerative has set out to create great tasting, wholesome and nutrient-dense beef that at the same time helps to make a positive impact on our planet. Roots Regenerative cattle are 100% grass-fed and raised on dedicated Regenerative Australian farms. All cattle are free to roam for life stress-free, and Roots Regenerative beef is entirely natural, antibiotic-and hormone-free, thus increasing the flavour profile of the beef.

Whenever you purchase Roots Regenerative beef, you are actively helping to promote Roots Regenerative’s Six Roots of Regenerative Grass-fed Beef. Basically, they lead to increased soil health, increased biodiversity, increased carbon trapping, enhances the water cycle and the wellbeing of both farmers and cattle.

Regenerative farms strive to heal the environment through planned cattle grazing which leads to improving the health of soils and their ability to drawdown carbon, increasing ground cover and water retention while enhancing biological diversity. Ultimately, it heals the natural environment and fights climate change with a reduced carbon footprint.


You can also enjoy prime cut beef and generous secondary cuts, tenderloins, striploins and ribeye’s knowing that they are eating healthier options of beef while giving back to the well-being of the environment. A variety of other cuts are also available from D-rump, chuck roll and bolar blade to tri tip, short loin, knuckle, tomahawk and more. In terms of texture, the beef is certainly more tender then conventional brands of beef, especially when it comes to the tenderloin and chuck used in burgers- the protein simply melts away in the mouth and does not have a stringy texture when it is bitten or cut into. However in terms of flavour, heavy seasoning is required as the beef needs a strong sauce to go along with it, else it might be a tad bland especially for red meat lovers.

Roots Regenerative Beef will be available at Yardbird from September onwards and are now available on RedMart

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