Penfolds Once Again Teams Up with “Chef Pam” of Restaurant POTONG to go “Beyond the Flavors”

Penfolds BTF

Penfolds“Beyond the Flavors” celebrates the characteristic traits that define the brand, interlaced throughout its DNA: Courage, Determination, and Innovation. To uphold the spirit of “Beyond the Flavors”, Penfolds celebrates chefs with the guts to break the mold and push the envelope of what’s possible and what’s not in the culinary world.

Since the campaign’s launch in early 2022, Penfolds provide opportunities for like-minded chefs around the world who harness the same spirit and DNA as Penfolds. Beyond the Flavors is inspired by the values associated with Penfolds and the global campaign Venture Beyond, which enjoyed tremendous success last year in many countries across Southeast Asia, including Thailand.

Pichaya “Chef Pam” Sunthornyanakij, Thailand’s renowned, talented chef and owner of MICHELIN-starred restaurant POTONG represents the country in this campaign.

Prior to the debut of the campaign’s second phase, chef Pam embarked on an eventful, eye-opening journey with Penfolds to Menton, France, during which she shared cooking experiences with fellow Chef Mauro Colagreco of MICHELIN-starred Mirazur and worked with him on crafting delicacies and desserts especially for the campaign. Here, she bore witness to the chef and the team’s quintessential Penfolds-esque passion which inspired the whole ‘Beyond the Flavours’ campaign launched in early 2022.

Penfolds BTF

Chef Pam also went on a private tour of Chef Mauro Colagreco’s private garden, which culminated into three exclusive bites, only available from April to June 2023 at Restaurant POTONG. The bites pull inspiration from Chef Mauro’s private garden and ingredients for Inspiration are all sourced locally, paying homage to provenance, which is also Mirazur’s knowledge, philosophy, and commitment. The group of three bites, all vegetarian, is named Inspiration and heroes the ingredients potato, cucumber, and eggplant respectively. These bites will feature alongside 17 other bites from Chef Pam’s menu, hand-picked for the best gastronomic experience alongside six iconic Penfolds wines.

“Joining Penfolds’ Beyond the Flavors campaign this time and becoming a member of Penfolds’ family is such a great honor for me. The creations I painstakingly yet lovingly conceived for the campaign are all inspired by Chef Mauro Colagreco, specifically by all those wonderful times I had with the legendary chef. And it truly means so much to me. It was because of those experiences and encounters that I returned here loaded with passion and inspiration. Usually, when I develop recipes, I draw on my experiences traveling to various locations with the sole goal in mind: to pass on good memories to those who relish my creations.

This time, I got a great opportunity from Penfolds to visit the chef’s private garden, where I learnt a lot of things, from sustainability practices, to ecosystems, and to how to blend in local ingredients into culinary creations. And I applied my experiences into crafting an exclusive curation of delicacies and desserts to relish Penfolds wines with this time. I believe that everyone who experience them will be impressed, because, for me, food is a physical manifestation of memory. When people eat my dishes, I want them to feel as if they have experienced something beyond the flavors. Behind every dish is a story. Every meal is a memory to be cherished forever.” said Chef Pam.

Penfolds BTF - 2nd Day-63

Penfolds and Chef Pam collaborated for the first time at last year’s Venture Beyond by Penfolds event, which garnered overwhelmingly gratifying feedback. At the event, chef Pam was honored to be an assistant to Chef Mauro and co-presented some of Chef Mauro’s expertly curated gourmet masterpieces. Their working together at that time revealed the synergy between the spirit of Penfolds and the two accomplished chefs through the stories and experiences they shared, which took the form of culinary creations meant to compliment Penfolds wines.

Experience Penfolds’ Beyond the Flavors Where Stories Get Told Through One-of-a-Kind Culinary Brainchild and the Mind of the MICHELIN-Starred Pichaya “Chef Pam” Sunthornyanakij as You Immerse Yourself in Priceless Moments Over Glasses of Penfolds Wine.; 20-course pairing with 6 Penfolds wines | 4,700++ THB | Dinner starts 5.00 PM / 5.30 PM / 6.00 PM / 6.30 PM / 7.00 PM from 5 APR 2023 – 30 JUN 2023

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