Premium specialties from Japan’s Perfectures now available in Singapore

CONTENT: Yeo Terence

Craving for fresh Japanese produce and specialties, but unable to get them due to the travel restrictions? Great news to all fans of Japanese cuisine! In partnership with Singapore Home Cooks, Okinawa International Logistics Hub will be bringing a multitude of rare, fresh and seasonal produce as well as ready-to-eat items from Japan’s various prefectures to Singapore!

With Okinawa as the southern gateway of Japan and the accessibility to Naha airport, Okinawa International Logistics Hub is able to deliver specialties from Japan to Singapore efficiently at an affordable price while ensuring optimum quality of its produce.

These items will be exclusively sold live on Singapore Home Cooks facebook page. Get to directly purchase the items during the live sessions and enjoy great deals! Held every Monday, each session will focus on produce from a different prefecture. As the first wave of its launch, the produce and specialties from Kagoshima, Okinawa and Nagoya Prefectures will be on sale on Singapore Home Cooks from 5 October onwards. The subsequent launches will be featuring specialty produce from the Fukui, Hiroshima and Shizuoka Prefectures.

Highlights from the Kagoshima Prefecture – 5 October 2020

Presenting the world’s first Annouimo Sweet Potato Caramels, exclusively launching in Singapore! Made from Annouimo sweet potatoes, this premium variant is known for its exceptional sweet flavour profile. The sweet potatoes are grown specially and solely on a tiny island off Kagoshima Prefecture in Tanegashima, Japan.

Debuting in Singapore is the unique Decanter Aged Amberjack Carpaccio with Olive Oil and Kanoya Soy Sauce. This product hails from Kagoshima Prefecture, the largest producer of amberjack in Japan. Specially created through a joint research project with Kagoshima University, the amberjack (kanpachi) is aged for 6 to 8 days using a special decanting method of air exposure to bring out its natural umami flavour. Its rich flavours and melt-in-the-mouth texture has made it a prized catch and it has been used widely in Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo, Japan, for seven consecutive years since its creation.

Highlights from the Nagano Prefecture – 12 October 2020

The Shinshu Apple Ball will finally be available in Singapore for the first time after 40 years since its launch. The well-loved delicious sorbet has made its way to Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States and now, the manufacturer is introducing this patented cute, apple-shaped sorbet to Singapore. It is made with 100% Nagano-grown apples — Nagano Prefecture is Japan’s number 1 apple producer, and the apples are acclaimed for their quality, size and delicious flavour.

The Pickled Green Pepper in Miso will also be debuting in Singapore for the first time. A popular item sold in MUJI Japan, it can be enjoyed as a topping for fried rice, or on its own for a touch of tingling heat! “Botan Kosho” are peppers listed as Shinshu traditional vegetables from the Nagano Prefecture, which are protected and nurtured only within the region.

Highlights from the Okinawa Prefecture – 12 October 2020

The Snack Pineapple is one of Okinawa’s pride and joy. The bright and yellow flesh promises a soft, fragrant, moderately juicy and tender bite. The flesh is soft enough to peel off by hand, with a unique central core that hits just the right note of sweetness. The Snack Pineapples have a high sugar content mixed with low acidity, which results in a sweet, candy-like flavour.

Okinawa is renowned as the largest producer of tiger prawns in Japan, and one of Japan’s finest prawns – Ginoza Tiger Prawns. Each prawn’s clear and translucent flesh signals its premium quality and freshness. Frozen instantly at -40 degrees Celsius when they are caught, the prawns can be served as sashimi after defrosting. Sweet and tender, the Japanese tiger prawns are sure to be a delight amongst seafood lovers.

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