Hot! Punjab Grill: An Evening of Synthesis through Food and Music

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CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

As part of the World Gourmet Summit 2017 line up on 8 April 2017, Singapore’s premier award-winning Indian restaurant Punjab Grill presents an unforgettable night of soulful Sufi music by renowned singer Zubair Ilyas and an exquisite dinner featuring its signature soul-satisfying kebabs.

Music For The Mind
Performing for the evening is Pakistan-born Zubair Ilyas, who is based in Singapore and is a renowned pianist and singer. A 14-year veteran of the music industry, he continues to teach his music in Singapore and has released a single under his company Mosiqar Entertainment. The devotional music of the Sufis is regarded as one of the most awe-inspiring art-form, of which the Qawwali and the more classic Kafi music date back to more than 700 years. It is usually inspired by the works of Sufi poets like Bulleh Shah, Rumi and Amir Khusrow.

Food For The Soul
Punjab Grill’s Executive Chef and winner of the World Gourmet Summit’s Asian Cuisine Chef of 2017 Javed Ahamad has crafted a delectable menu of Tandoor favourites, with the main highlight being the assortment of kebabs specially created for the occasion.

Diners can start off their meal with a welcome dish of the chef’s special amuse bouche that has a slight spice in it to give diners a warm welcome as they wash it down with their in-house special grape sangria. Diners may choose to ration the drink for the rest of the meal, as its cooling aftertaste will help to chill the fiery spiciness that the rest of the dishes may have.

Once the salutations and greetings are done, diners can move onto the delectable appetizers such as Apple Wood-Smoked Flavoured Lobster Minced Dumpling Kebab glazed with coconut ginger chutney. The dumpling might taste like an ordinary prawn ball at the beginning, but the longer diners chew onto the dumpling, the flavours would come bursting out.

Lobster Minced Dumpling

One of the star appetizers of the menu, boneless chicken thigh with charcoal powder and hand pounded spices is nothing short of exceptional. Served with a covered top, lifting it up will immediately release the smell and essences of the dish making it a perfect Instagram moment. The charcoal gives it an extra Essence and flavour, the spices give it a mild spice to the meat, however remember not to touch the charcoal as it will still be hot.

Moving on to the entrees to the Venison Sheekh Kebab stuffed with Galbani buffalo cheese. The meat is succulent although they could have used more of the cheese sauce, but it makes a good combination with the venison. Combining the meat with the chutney helps balance out the meaty flavor with a savory sensation should one find the flavor of the meat overpowering.

The Pan-Seared Soya and Edamame Beans Kebab  will be a great boon to those who want to balance the heavy meats of the menu out, and the edamame’s are a good accompaniment to the kebab as well.

oy bean and Venison Kebab

The main courses include Tandoori Duck Korma, Kheema Kaleji Pao, Chicken Nihari, Bhuna Vegetable, Dal Punjab Grill and Royal Cumin and Romanesco Cauliflower Pulao. Vegetarian Kebab options include apple wood-smoked asparagus and zucchini dumpling kebab glazed with coconut ginger chutney; beetroot and pumpkin sheekh kebab. Diners can choose to enjoy them individually or decide to match different dishes with each other to create their own bespoke fusion of Indian flavors.

So if you are looking for some deeply soulful songs and mouth-watering food, do visit Punjab Grill for a journey through the very heart and soul of India/Punjab.

A Special Evening of Soulful Sufi songs & kebab at Punjab Grill will be on 8 April 2017 from 7pm till 10:30pm priced at S$109++ per person.

Punjab Grill is located at B1-01A, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018972.

For more details, table reservations or turkey orders, please call +65 6688 7395 or visit

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