Hot! Robert Parker Wine Advocate Launches Robert Parker Green Emblem Recognising Extraordinary Sustainable Efforts in Wine Production

Robert Parker Wine Advocate

Robert Parker Wine Advocate unveils two brand new search filter capabilities on the the Robert Parker Green Emblem – a recognition given to selected wineries that have demonstrated extraordinary efforts in the pursuit of environmentally friendly practices. Adding to these new search functions is the ability to search for wines that are certified organic and/or certified biodynamic.

The Robert Parker Green Emblem recognises a winery or producer that extends their efforts far beyond the requirements for organic and/or biodynamic certification, serving as true ambassadors for environmentally friendly practices.

To qualify for this award, a winery may or may not already be organic and/or biodynamic certified. Beyond or apart from certification, the producer needs to be an outstanding proponent of sustainability who looks towards long-term environmental protection and biodiversity. The Robert Parker Green Emblem is carefully considered and is given on rare and exceptional merit.

Robert Parker Green Emblem

Each year, Robert Parker Wine Advocate reviewers nominate new candidates from their regions that they feel are worthy for the Robert Parker Green Emblem. Each nomination is researched and discussed across the editorial group. Once a winery is recognised, all of their wines will carry the Robert Parker Green Emblem going forward, until changes at the winery may result in the recognition being rescinded.

Says Nicolas Achard, CEO of Robert Parker Wine Advocate, “We are aware of the increased consumer desire for responsible and environmentally committed viticulture, and for easier access to this information. In the Robert Parker Wine Advocate team, we share these concerns, which is why we decided to develop the Robert Parker Green Emblem to highlight the vineyards that combine richness of taste and sustainable viticulture. We wish to facilitate the meeting between these committed winemakers, who prove to us how respect for the environment can magnify the terroirs and the vines without compromising the taste and the quality of the wines.”

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