Hot! Roku Gin Collaborates with Nine of the Best Bars in Singapore to Bring the Taste of Spring!

Roku x Vue Spring Cocktails

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

As spring comes around the corner, Roku Gin has collaborated with some of Singapore’s renowned cocktail bars to showcase their interpretation of the spring season and to make full use of Roku Gin’s flavor!

Synonymous with Spring are the luscious blooms of Cherry Blossoms or Ohanami in Japan, in which the Sakura flower plays a paramount role in the creation of Roku Gin, which is known for its smooth taste and floral undertones, due to the art of ‘Monozukuri’– a centuries-old tradition of meticulous attention to detail to ensure that only the best of each season is harvested, infused and distilled at their peak to create one of the world’s best floral gin without a heavy juniper taste.

From now until the end of May, cocktail connoisseurs can savor an array of exciting new Roku Gin cocktails with a rooftop view over the CBD area at VUE!


Over at one of Singapore’s highest rooftop bars, VUE’s executive chef Sam Chin has come up with three bespoke cocktails that showcases his vision of how the Spring season has influenced his cocktails! Guided by the visuals of snow slowly fading away and life on Earth reblooming again, he has concocted the sweet yet intense The Pleasant Stroll (S$26) that is a multi-layer cocktail that is similar but mildly lighter then an old-fashioned due to a heavy focus on the citrus flavor due to the combination of umeshu and homemade lime cordial!

The Lake of Osaka (S$24) has a very heavy focus on a very sweet-tasting profile due to the homemade thyme honey syrup that cuts through the alcohol that will definitely prove to be a big hit with the ladies due to how easy it is to drink! Lastly, as the name suggests, the Garden of Eden (S$24) focuses on floral flavors due to the usage of St Germain elderflower liqueur but it has a rather overpowering egg smell due to the heavy layer of egg white foam at the top!

Aside from VUE, the other restaurants that are currently collaborating with Roku gin to produce their own bespoke cocktails are MO Bar, Good Luck, Smoke and Mirrors, One-Ninety Bar, Last Word, Here Kitty Kitty, Lil’Tiger and Taki Izakaya Bar! Cocktail lovers are highly advised to visit them from now until the end of May to try out the spring-inspired tipples!

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