Hot! Say Oishii to NEXT Meats, The World’s First Plant-Based Yakiniku Meat, at Aburi-EN!

Stamina Teishoku

CONTENT: Serpahina Tang
IMAGE: Luxe Multimedia

It is often difficult to find plant-based alternatives when having Japanese cuisine, a favourite amongst Singaporeans. But for those on plant-based diets, or looking for a healthier alternative when out and about, you’re in luck – NEXT Meats, which offers the world’s first plant-based yakiniku meats, has debuted in Singapore! Savour a taste of this soybean-based alternative protein at popular Japanese restaurant Aburi-EN, in the form of two different set meals centred on the NEXT Kalbi (boneless short rib).

Made largely from soy proteins, the NEXT Kalbi contains double the amount of protein and half the fats than that of regular meat. Besides that, it does not contain any chemical additives or cholesterol – perfect for those looking for a healthier protein alternative!

We tried both the Kalbi Don Set (S$13.80) and the Stamina Teishoku (S$15.80) — available for a limited time only, and Aburi-EN’s first-ever plant-based dishes.

Kalbi Don Set

In the Kalbi Don Set, slices of NEXT Kalbi are grilled and on a fluffy mound of steamed Japanese rice, along with stir-fried shimeiji mushrooms. The mouth-feel of the NEXT kalbi was impressive for a protein alternative, with a delightful, fragrant umami char.

For the Stamina Teishoku, the NEXT Kalbi is stir-fried instead, with a mix of vegetables like mushrooms, carrots and cabbage. Served with a wobbly, golden egg imported from Okinawa – providing an extra luscious mouthfeel to every bite. We enjoyed the fresh crunch of vegetables, and the creaminess of the egg yolk that melded well with the stir-fry. However, we did find that this dish was a tad salty.

Both the Kalbi Don Set and Stamina Teishoku is available at all Aburi-EN stores until July 2021.

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