Hot! Sentosa GrillFest: Singapore’s Biggest Barbecue By The Beach Is Back This July

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Held on the beach in Sentosa, the Sentosa GrillFest is back again with an even bigger spread with 25 different food stalls. Aside from local fan favourites, discover barbecue dishes from other cuisines with chefs harking from Egypt, South Africa, Taiwan and more at the International Food Street.

Sentosa GrillFest is just the beginning and marking the start of Sentosa Food Fest that runs over 10 weeks, with a Sentosa Restaurant Trail (14-25 August) and Sentosa Food Truck Fiesta (1 – 17 September) that takes you around the island on a gastronomic journey.

Back to Siloso beach, where the grills are fired up by the beach. The smoky fumes at Grill By The Beach has plenty of pickings, where you’ll find yourself spoilt for choices amongst all the barbecue pits. We were excited to try Jett Barbecue, an online-only home chef that has perfected the Texas-Style Barbecue Dino Beef Ribs in a custom-built steel smoker. Their ribs are smoked with oak logs imported from Lone Star State for 8-12 hours, and are full of smoky flavour. Despite the black charr, the ribs did not taste burnt at all, instead falling apart easily and comes with creamy mashed potatoes and lime-infused coleslaw.

Sentosa Golf Club

Sentosa Golf Club shows off their new rotating rotisserie, with roasts like Lamb Rub, Chicken, and Pork Belly Ribs that comes with a complementary Thai herbs dipping sauce. Another highlight is South African Shisa Nyama, where chef Pitso Chauke brings braai and other South African dishes to the beach. The Boerewors is a fatty, meaty sausage that comes with Salsa, Pap, and Chakala. The Chalaka can also be ordered as a side with steamed bread, and it’s similar to a tomato stem with beans and other vegetables.

Egyptian pita stall Huras is popular for Hawawshi, a huge pita stuffed with Chicken, Beef, Lamb or a combination, and plenty of gooey mozzarella cheese. Craft Beer Island has a selection of ice cold pints, with exciting craft beer flavours like Nutella Hazelnut Stout, Farmstand Fresh Mango IPA, One Night In Cologne, and Koshihikari Rice Lager.

Dickey's BBQ
The Fan Favourites are classics but goodies from returning stalls, with all time favourites like the Dry Aged Beef Burger from DAMN, melt-in-your-mouth Signature Char Siew from Johor Bahru’s Amplitude (Meng Meng Roasted) Duck, and the extra indulgent Unagi Kabayaki Skewers in Uni from Wild Tide.

There is plenty of seating around, but come early if you want a prime spot on the beach or by the stage. After your feast, cool off from the heat with Tutto Gelato and Cocktails. The Vanilla Bean gelato is sweet and creamy, or if you’re feeling adventurous, give their Extra Virgin Oil Gelato a try – the fragrant oily gelato is a hit-or-miss. Their cocktails is also made with their ice cream, and the Mango Bellini was delicious, and its like a sweet frozen slushie!

Sentosa GrillFest is happening from 7- 30 July, every Friday to Sunday, 5pm – 10pm at Siloso Beachfront, Sentosa. For more details visit Website

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