Hot! Shang Palace Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary with A Celebratory Menu

Shang Palace 50th Anniversary Celebratory Menu

This April (23 April), Shangri-La Singapore and Shang Palace celebrates their 50th anniversary. Fifty years ago, the opening was marked by a gala dinner. For this anniversary celebration, Executive Chef Mok Kit Keung has taken a leaf out of the history books, in fact from the seminal 1971 launch menu itself. Drawing from this document, Chef Mok will take diners on a journey into a grand and exquisite culinary past with a special two-month celebratory menu from 23 April till 30 June 2021.

A highlight for this period only will be three specially commissioned dim sum pushcarts, from which the Shang Palace team will serve a curated selection of 50 steamed, baked, and deep-fried ‘old-school’ favourites. Along with these delightful morsels, Chef Mok will present a comprehensive a-la-carte menu showcasing 50 heritage and celebratory dishes.

Traditional Yin Yang Fried Rice

To bring significance to the anniversary, Chef Mok will recreate the milieu at the opening of the first Shang Palace, namely the Chinese restaurant scene of the 1970s. He will showcase the way diners of the time ate, the mindsets of chefs and the kitchens they ran, and their approach to produce and their craft. With stories of food, people and tradition, a tinge of nostalgia will flavour every meal of these celebrations.

The Shang Palace takes pride in being “A Tapestry of Treasured Legacies”. Many recipes in the celebratory menu are a century old or more, and fast vanishing. Chef Mok hopes to not only bring back memories of these dishes for older diners, but to re-introduce them to a younger audience, igniting their interest and whetting their appetite for more.

Steamed Malay Cake with Brown Sugar and Olive Seeds

A highlight of the celebratory menu is the encounter with extraordinary ingredients, such as 50-year aged tangerine peel, which the Cantonese prize as ‘more precious than nuggets of gold’. Another rarity to look forward to are dried olive seeds – seeds extracted from within the olive stones. The seeds release a light olive flavour and were used in traditional recipes as a delicacy reserved for the wealthy. These days, olive seeds have earned a status as the new superfood, as they have been found to contain impressive anti-oxidant and polyphenol qualities as well as high dietary fibre.

Sweetened Red Bean Soup with 50 Years Tangerine Peel

As part of Shang Palace’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and his expression of heartfelt appreciation to his guests for their support over the years, Chef Mok will offer the Shang Palace traditional Sweetened Red Bean Soup with prized 50-year tangerine peel for only S$5.

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