Hot! Simplicity Reigns Over Opulence with ATLAS New Dining Menu.

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Known for its famous reputation of offering some of the best gin cocktails and bottles of champagne in Singapore, ATLAS is looking to prove that it can not only be popular for its titillating tipples, but for it to be a new renowned destination for guests to have the best gastronomic experience in Singapore while partaking sipping on their favourite glass of champagne. To that end, ATLAS’s recently appointed Executive Chef Lachlan ‘Loki’ Lynch, has curated an assortment of modern, sophisticated European dishes that take their inspiration from simple comfort food that are made and elevated with high quality, fresh ingredients.

Executive Chef Loki spent most of his professional career in Sydney before moving to Singapore to join ATLAS as its new Executive Chef. Using his years of experience to come up with the new dining menu, the dishes are divided into five separate sections and showcases Chef Loki’s innovative use of beautiful and fresh ingredients from the region.

Throughout the menu, Chef Loki’s displays his passion and creativity that highlights his dynamic energy and wealth of experience underneath his hat. The dishes might appear simple at first, but they offer a unique and diverse amount of flavours and ingredients which produces eclectic and perfectly balanced comfort dishes.

Perfect to have on your own or to share with family or friends, the dishes offer guests an opportunity to sample an elegant selection of exciting and modern flavours.


Commence the meal with a Taramasalata (Greek dip) served with Radish, Zaatar, Green Olive Oil and Bagel Chips ($20++). Although its portion size leaves much to be desired, the traditional Greek dip is nothing short of amazing. The creamy texture and richness of the dip pairs well with the radish and house toasted bagel chips which will leave diners satisfied without leaving their palettes overwhelmed with the taste of the dip. Don’t be fooled by its simple look through, this dip is good enough to be eaten (or licked) on its own and can be kept on the table to use as a dip for the other main courses!

A classic dish that many will associate with opulence, the Mini Lobster Roll with Lemon Mayo, Celery, Espelette and Chives ($26++) is a classic dish for diners who don’t mind splurging a little to treat themselves to a fancy meal. Firstly, diners have to fight the temptation to consume the whole bun in one bite- instead take a small bite of the roll and then add a dash of Tabasco to the roll before taking that second bite to further enhance the flavour of the crustaceans. If diners wish to further pimp up their lobster rolls, they can upgrade their dish with a wallop of De Neuvic caviar for that extra kick for the ultimate dining experience!

lamb Kofta

A great snack before the main courses comes to the table, the Lamb Kofta with Beetroot Yoghurt, Breadcrumb Salsa and Sumac Onions ($18++) is a perfect example of Chef Loki’s skills and will leave diners deep in thought about its unique texture profile. The scent of this dish instantly triggers the mouth to salivate and each part of this dish is only made when it is ordered- the salsa for example has to be made to order else it will get slushy by the time it reaches the dining table if it was cooked in a big batch. But the singular part that stood out was the texture profile about the dish that plays havoc on the senses- the crunch from the breadcrumb salsa, the creaminess of the beetroot yoghurt and the tenderness of the gamey lamb. (Tip: The lamb goes well with the Taramasalata dip as well!)

A classic pasta dish, the Spaghetti with Carpet Clams, Cuttlefish, Chili and Pangrattato Breadcrumb ($32++) is Chef Loki’s attempt to keep things traditional and simple at ATLAS with his own twists and enhancements. The texture of the pasta is cooked to an al dente firmness that leaves a good first impression to the dish as a whole but diners can request for a softer texture if they prefer it. The sauce of the pasta comes from the natural jus of the clams, pasta water and a dash of lemon juice that leaves a zesty finish to the pasta. Finally, the squid is thinly sliced and then thrown in at the last moment in the cooking process to ensure that it stays fresh and does not overcook while being topped off with pangrattato breadcrumbs that lends a crunchy texture and robust flavour to the pasta.


The new Roasted Pumpkin with Pear, Bitter Leaves, Sunflower Seeds and Burnt Butter Vinaigrette ($26++) proves to be a vegan’s ultimate wet dream as the multitude of greens in this dish will turn even the most traditional meat lover to the greener side of the food chain. Perfect for diners to share amongst their group, a generous portion of creamy tasting roasted pumpkins awaits under an ensemble of greens that supports the main star of the dish which help balance out the smoke and sweetness of the pumpkins!


Finally, the Smoked Beef Short Rib with Kohlrabi Mash, Pickled Turnips, Kale and Mustard Jus ($38++) is a combination of various different elements playing their part to make the dish a cohesive experience for diners. The main star was tender to the knife and had the perfect amount of fat to complement the sublime taste of the beef while the crispy kale gave the kohlrabi mash texture to assist it in mimicking a classic combination of steak and fries. The pickled white baby turnips adds a contrasting layer of flavours while the delightful mustard jus helps compliment the beef with its salty, tangy flavour- a must order dish for any steak lover!


To end off the meal, diners can opt for something simple such as the Banana Caramel Cream Pie with Chocolate ($16++) or a slightly more complicated but classy dessert- Buttermilk Pannacotta with Strawberry Salad and Baby Basil ($24++).

The ATLAS dining menu is available during lunch hours, 12:00pm – 2:30pm, Monday to Friday, and for dinner, 6.00pm –10.00pm, Monday to Saturday.

ATLAS is located at 600 North Bridge Rd, Parkview Square, Singapore 188778.
For more information or reservations, please visit or call: +65 6396 4466

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