Sip in Style: Glenglassaugh Introduces its Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection in Singapore!

The Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Elevate your whisky experience to unparalleled heights with Glenglassaugh‘s latest release:The Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection! Named after the exquisite serpentine marble found in the cliffs that surrounds the Glenglassaugh Distillery, this collection of three exceptional expressions embodies the epitome of luxury and refinement in taste. Crafted from single casks that have aged close to half a human’s average lifespan, each bottle is a testament to the coastal spirit of Highland whisky, encapsulating the essence of time and terroir.

For over two decades, Glenglassaugh’s distillery lay silent, a hidden gem along Scotland’s rugged northeast coastline, until its reawakening in 2008. During this dormant period, a rare collection of casks quietly matured in the distillery’s coastal warehouses, some for over five decades. The Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection represents a culmination of decades of meticulous maturation and the enduring influence of land and sea on Glenglassaugh’s spirit. Now, these treasures, carefully selected by Master Blender Rachel Barrie, are set to captivate the world with their unrivaled complexity and depth while showcasing the distillery’s coastal character and provenance in exquisite detail.

As is customary with Glenglassaugh expressions, the spirit is shaped by the influences of land and sea, reflecting the distillery’s coastal character and provenance. From the enticing aroma of soft blueberry and peach to the enveloping taste of sun-dried raisin and salted treacle, each sip transports you to the rugged shores of Scotland’s Highland coastline.

The three expressions in the collection include a 48 year old whisky aged in a Aleatico Red Wine Barrique cask that entices with notes of soft blueberry, peach, and tamarind, balanced by a hint of salted pistachio cream. Meanwhile, the second expression, aged 49 years in a Bourbon Barrel cask, delivers an exotic fruit elixir of guava, white peach, and coconut cream, carried on by a sultry ocean breeze. Last but not least, a 51 year old whisky aged in an Oloroso Puncheon cask, offers a sensory symphony of sun-dried raisin, blood orange preserve, and spiced vetiver, underscored by a hint of sea salt.

The Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection

As Glenglassaugh’s Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection makes its debut in Singapore, it stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of the distillery’s craftsmen, offering discerning whisky enthusiasts a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the allure of time-aged whisky imbued with the essence of Scotland’s rugged coastline. So, are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery with Glenglassaugh’s Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection?

The Serpentine Coastal Cask Collection

Cask Number: 1863, distilled 28th May 1974
Cask Type: Aleatico Red Wine Barrique
Age: 48 Years Old
Tasting Notes
Colour: Rouge Bronze
Aroma: Enticing waves of soft blueberry, peach and tamarind on a base of meringue and gently salted pistachio cream
Taste: A delicious melange of mouthwatering blackberry, lychee and raspberry infused with passionfruit and sea salt
ABV: 46.1.0/0
Cost: Price upon application

Cask Number: 5640, distilled 9th November 1973
Cask Type: Bourbon Barrel
Age: 49 Years Old
Tasting Notes
Colour: Medallion gold
Aroma: Exotic fruit elixir with guava, white peach and coconut cream carried on a sultry gorse-infused ocean breeze
Taste: Silken waves of tropical sun-drenched fruit envelope the palate in a papaya, passion fruit and guava caress ABV: 42.1%
Cost: Price upon application

Cask Number: 1723, distilled 25th October 1972
Cask Type: Oloroso Puncheon
Age: 51 Years Old
Tasting Notes
Colour: Molten bronze
Aroma: Sun-dried raisin, blood orange preserve and maraschino cherry, with sandalwood, spiced vetiver and sea salt
Taste: Enveloping waves of raisin balsamic, blackberryjus and salted treacle infused with orange and sloe syrup ABV: estimated 44.2%
Cost: Price upon application

The first three casks from the collection will be exclusively launched for pre-sale in Singapore in January 2024 and available globally after bottlings in the spring.