Hot! Specialty Grill House Yakiniku Like Launches New Seasonal Garlic Butter Sauce For Its Decadent Meats

Yakiniku Like

CONTENT; Yiew Kai Jie

Since Yakiniku Like first opened in Singapore, the restaurant has gained popularity for its individual grills and reasonably priced proteins along with its quick-service concept that sees orders being served straight to the table within three minutes. Steak lovers will be able to chow down on quality meats imported from Australia or the United States. The meat offerings range from Wagyu Beef (S$19.80 per 120g), Karubi (beef short plate) to Harami (beef skirt steak- S$12.80 per 100g) and Misuji (top blade- S$15.80 per 100g). Other meats such as pork belly, pork jowl and chicken thigh are also available.

Wagyu Steak

Now, the restaurant is looking to solidify its reputation amongst its customers in Singapore by dishing out a brand new garlic butter dipping sauce to go along with its high-quality offerings on the grill! Customers need only heat up the sauce on the grill, wait for the butter to melt and dip the tender protein in the luscious sauce. Customers can choose from three Karubi Garlic Butter Sets (S$9.80 per 100g, S$13.80 per 200g, S$17.80 per 300g) or alternatively they can opt for pork or chicken options. (S$8.80 per 100g, S$13.80 per 200g) The garlic butter sauce can also be ordered ala carte at S$1.30 per portion to go along with more premium cuts of protein should customers prefer it.

Smokeless Roaster

Apart from its four indulgent dipping sauces, (Like Original BBQ Sauce, Garlic Soy Sauce, Sea Salt Sauce, Spicy Miso Sauce), the restaurant has also concocted a new ala carte dipping sauce that must not be missed, Like Cheesy Curry (S$2.80). The cheesy-curry mixture goes well with the grilled meats and gives a rich satisfying flavour to either the protein or rice.

The meats can be ordered ala carte or ordered in a set meal that comes with the protein of choice, rice, soup and a choice of kimchi or salad.

Yakiniku Like is the first restaurant in Singapore to offer electric smokeless grills for its customers that are specially built in order to ensure that customers are able to grill their meats to their own preference of doneness. The grill also retains the smoke within itself to prevent the unwelcome smell from sticking to the customer’s clothing.

Yakiniku Like is located at: Paya Lebat Quarter, #B1-28, Singapore 409057.

Yainiku Like is open daily, from 11am-3pm and 5pm-9pm.

For more information, please call: +65 69707397.

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