Hot! Tamago-EN Expands Their Egg-centric Menu With Japanese Favourites Like Kake Gohan, Beef Teppan, & Souffle Pancake

CONTENT: Michelle Ng
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Singapore’s only egg-centric restaurant chain Tamago-EN has just expanded their menu offerings with even more gg-cellent dishes. The secret to Tamago-EN’s delicious dishes lies in the eggs that is present in every dish. Fresh Okinawan eggs are flown in directly from Japan, and are so good that they can even be eaten raw!

Paired together with Tamago-EN’s affordable pricings, this is my go-to whenever I’m craving something eggy without having to empty my wallet.

Saikoro Steak With Mushrooms TKG

Tuck into a Japanese morning staple with the Saikoro Steak With Mushrooms TKG (S$14.90). The bowl of Japanese rice comes with plenty of shiitake mushrooms, bite sized steak bites and a raw egg. Similar to a poke bowl, Tamago-EN gives the kake gohan a little twist to make it not seem so intimidating. Instead of cracking a whole raw egg atop the ingredients, the egg white is whipped to add an airy layer of lightness. Other new options include the Teriyaki Chicken With Broccoli TKG (S$11.50) and the Unagi Tamago TKG (S$12.90) for that fishy umami.

Unatama Don

You’ll also be able to find unagi in the don section with the Unatama Don (S$15.90). The tender and umami fish is placed atop a blanket or creamy eggs and crunchy onion, served with a side of Japanese pickles and miso soup. You can’t really go wrong with a donburi for a filling lunch or a comforting meal to wind down the day.

Wagyu Tsukimi Tororo Udon

If you love noodles, you have the to try the Soboro Kimchi Udon or the Wagyu Tsukimi Tororo Udon (S$12.90). Using inaniwa udon that is known for its quality, the noodles are the star of this dish. Chewy and full of flavours soaking up the broth, I found myself slurping up all the noodles despite feeling too full. The Soboro Kimchi Udon is a fusion of Korean and Japanese tastes, with a minced pork stew topped with fresh egg yolk.

Meat lovers will delight in the Beef Hamburg Teppan (S$16.90), another classic Japanese-Western dish. The premium beef patty is tender to bite, and comes with three sauce options – cream, demi-glace or tomato. The creamy sauce is a good choice, but can be too much for some.

Mango Souffle Pancake

Desserts-wise, Tamago-EN makes one of the best souffle pancakes around – they give Fluff Stack and Flipper’s a run for their money. Joining the menu is the Mango Souffle Pancake (S$13.90) – sweet, fresh mangos and cream, and the Grape Souffle Pancake (S$13.50), which comes topped with blueberry cream cheese and berry jam on the side.

Staying true to their concept of fresh Okinawan eggs, the drinks also make use of the eggs. Give the Original Tamago-EN Milk Shake a go – the creamy and thick milkshake is tasty, and makes for a refreshing break from the heavy savoury dishes. Other classic Japanese drinks like Iced Matcha Latte with Azuki, Calpis, Genmai Tea, and fruity high balls are also available.

As part of their new menu launch, Tamago-EN will also be giving away 6,000 fresh Okinawan eggs. With every $50 spent in a single receipt, customers will receive a complimentary tray of 6 eggs (capped at 30 trays per outlet per day) and is available while stocks last.

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