Taste the essence of Okinawa with Zanpa and Uminokuni Awamori’s official debut in Singapore!

Okinawa Ryukyu Awamori - Uminokuni (10 and 24 years) and Zanpa (12 and 24 years)

CONTENT: Kevin Yiew

Prepare to embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury as premium aged Okinawan liquor, Zanpa and Uminokuni Awamori, make their debut in Singapore. These exquisite spirits, officially recognized as Ryukyu Awamori, boast a heritage akin to that of traditional Champagne and Cognac, offering a taste of one of Japan’s oldest distilled alcoholic drink to discerning consumers and connoisseurs alike.

Much like Singapore, Okinawa’s trading history as a strategic port has influenced the unique production method of Awamori. The intricate process of distillation, combined with fragrant long-grain Thai Indica rice inoculated with black koji mould, has remained unchanged for centuries. As a testament to Okinawa’s cultural heritage, only Awamori produced in Okinawa prefecture earn the status of Ryukyu Awamori and it must undergo the elaborate process of ageing and bottling in Okinawa before being exported globally.

Additionally, Awamori is the only Japanese alcohol that continues to mature in the bottle, akin to the ageing process of fine wines. Each bottle of Awamori appreciates in value over time, becoming a living testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and dedication embedded in its production and has potential value as an alternative investment similar to whisky.

Marina Bay Sands

Therefore, the two heritage Awamori brands Zanpa and Uminokuni have decided to mark their debut on Singapore’s shores as part of expansion efforts to bring the quintessential Okinawan liquor to a global audience- since there is already a growing awareness and consumption of Japanese liquors in Singapore.

Zanpa Awamori, meticulously crafted by Higashuzo Co. Ltd, is a distillery steeped in tradition since its founding in 1948 and is renowned for its exquisite flavour profiles. Available in two ages, each expression offers a sensory journey like no other.

Okinawa Ryukyu Awamori - Zanpa (12 years)

Zanpa 12 years : This aged marvel delivers a symphony of aromas, evoking memories of creamy custard and luscious caramel, with subtle undertones of fresh grass, seagrass, and roasted cashew nut. Distilled to perfection at 43% ABV, its mellow and rich flavor intertwines delicately with a nuanced sweetness, leaving behind a lingering, bittersweet aftertaste that tantalizes the palate and serves as an acceptable introduction to how Awamori tastes like to first-timers.

Okinawa Ryukyu Awamori - Zanpa (24 years)

Zanpa 24 years: Aged to absolute perfection and distilled to 41% ABV, this exceptional liquor exudes an initial aroma of savory caramel and toasted grains, evolving into sweeter notes of velvety custard and fragrant vanilla. The pleasantly sweet bouquet harmonizes flawlessly with its mellow yet opulent flavor, leaving behind a lingering, bittersweet aftertaste reminiscent of the indulgent nuances of crème brûlée. The refined flavour profile of the liquor calls for it to be best enjoyed neat and to be slowly sipped like cognac after a meal with friends or loved ones.

Uminokuni Awamori, crafted by the Okinawa Distillery Cooperative Association, represents a collective effort to protect and promote aged Awamori. This prestigious spirit, available in two ages, showcases a well-bodied flavor that captivates the senses.

Okinawa Ryukyu Awamori - Uminokuni (10 years)

Uminokuni 10 years: Celebrated for its elegance and maturity, this award-winning Awamori boasts an aromatic profile characterized by the inherent sweetness of long-grain Thai Indica rice, accentuated by delicate hints of vanilla acquired through ageing. At 43% ABV, this 10-year-old gem offers a luxurious and complex aromatic experience, complemented by subtle undertones of sourness that add depth to its flavor profile. The complex flavour profile makes this the perfect Awamori to be paired with a vide variety of local food- from crispy pork belly to wantons!

Okinawa Ryukyu Awamori - Uminokuni (24 years)

Uminokuni 24 years: Crafted from specially selected batches of premium Awamori and aged over an extended period, this distinguished expression embodies an exquisite sweetness and richness, enveloped in a smooth, velvety mouthfeel. At 43% ABV, its enticing aroma of sweet vanilla and caramel sets the stage for an unforgettable tasting experience that transcends the ordinary.

In the realm of luxury spirits, Zanpa and Uminokuni Awamori stand as shining examples of the artistry and dedication that define Okinawan distillation traditions. With their unparalleled flavor profiles and timeless elegance, they beckon enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike to indulge in the essence of Japan’s oldest distilled alcoholic drink.

Uminokuni 10 years and Zanpa 12 years retail for S$165.00 per bottle, while Uminokuni 24 years and Zanpa 24 years retail for S$380.00 per bottle. Available at established bars and restaurants across Singapore, including Waku Ghin and RPM by D.Bespoke.