The Great Beef & Reef Series Returns for Its Third Edition at Bedrock Origin

Bedrock Origin

Returning for its third edition, The Great Beef & Reef Series at Bedrock Origin, Oasia Resort Sentosa showcases a brilliant display of primal culinary techniques such as dry aging and curing, as well as deftly working with woodfire for grilling and smoking to elevate flavours of handpicked seafood and meats from around the world.

From now till 30 November 2022, embark on an epicurean journey with a 6-Course Dinner Tasting Menu and 6-Course Dinner Tasting Menu with Caviar. Enhance your dining experience with an option to top-up for an ensemble of Château du Pommard wines.

Kombu-Cured Chilean Seabass

Enjoy dishes such as the Clam & Smoked Bacon Salad, Kombu-Cured Chilean Seabass – The Chilean Seabass is prepared kombu-jime, a Japanese technique of curing with layers of kombu over 3 to 5 days which draws out moisture, strengthening the natural flavours of the fish while infusing the briny umami taste of the kombu, Applewood Grilled Whole Squid – Italian fennel sausage stuffed in a whole baby squid is braised in a flavoursome house-made tomato sauce. The stuffed squid is then grilled over Applewood while retaining the tender texture and juiciness of the sausage stuffing, and sukiyaki-inspired creation, the 21-Day Dry-Aged Miyazaki Wagyu.

Caramelised Pineapple

The sumptuous dinner ends with a sweet and tangy Caramelised Pineapple- Ripe pineapple is sousvide with caramel syrup and grilled with black pepper and fresh thyme, bringing forth a subtle spiciness to the dessert. A refreshing mango sorbet on a layer of crushed feuilletine is presented with the pineapple.

For the 6-Course Dinner Tasting Menu with Caviar, indulge in the same appetiser with Kaluga/Schrenckii crossbreed caviar instead. The Applewood Smoked Kaluga Caviar lends a silky, buttery texture and brightness that complement the moreish potato cake and eggs.

The Great Beef & Reef Series at Bedrock Origin, Oasia Resort Sentosa is ongoing from now till 30 November 2022.

6-Course Dinner Tasting Menu is priced at S$188++ per person, 6-Course Dinner Tasting Menu with Caviar is priced at S$288++ per person. Top-U, S$78++ per person for 3-Wine Pairing and S$108++ per person for 6-Wine Pairing.

Available from Sunday to Thursday for dine-in reservations made from 6pm to 8.30pm A one-day advance reservation is required.

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