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greek quinoa salad

Portuguese owners, David Miranda, Hugo Matos and Leandro Santos understand the needs of every working Singaporean – to have meals that are quick, deliciously balanced and most importantly convenient. This is where healthy food delivery online store The Kitchen Trainer came about.

Meals are customised based on each individual’s nutritional needs. Customers may choose among 4 custom meal packs – Tone Up for Women, Lose It for Women, Massive Gain for Men and Lose it for Men, and then key in specific details like their age, weight, height, workout intensity or any allergies and opt for what they would like to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner from the available menu. These 1-day or 3-day meal packs will then be delivered to their doorsteps in 2 days, with the meals already suited according to the macros and calories each individual body needs for optimal performance.

All meals are of top-quality fresh ingredients, selectively picked and crafted healthily. For instance, one of the main ingredients used in their Chicken Quinoa Greek Salad, quinoa, is gluten-free, great for weight loss and helps control blood pressure. Peanut butter, used in their Peanut Chicken with Green Beans, is rich in energy and anti-oxidants, lowers the risk of weight gain and regulates blood sugar level. Extra virgin olive oil is used in most of their dishes, which helps in reducing high cholesterol levels, in boosting metabolism and also aids in better sleep at night.

The Kitchen Trainer Peanut Chicken, Steak Picadillo

The Kitchen Trainer provides daily fresh meals too through Foodpanda and Deliveroo, where customers can choose from 12 delicious meals on the menu, which will be delivered personally to them within an hour or have The Kitchen Trainer, deliver them to you across Singapore right to your doorstep!

Co-owner David Miranda says, “Healthy shouldn’t be hard, and neither should it be expensive – that’s what we at The Kitchen Trainer strongly advocate. We believe Singaporeans, be it stay at home parents or working adults, barely have time for meal preparation due to their fast-paced cosmopolitan life. Hence we want to make their lives easier, especially those who are health conscious, by introducing these affordable nutritious meals and have them delivered at their convenience.”

So start eating right and check out The Kitchen Trainer’s website to order:

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