The New Laksa Soup Base at Coucou Hotpot Is the Ultimate Comfort Soup

(Nanyang Laksa Soup Base)

CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Only a select few restaurants carry laksa as a hotpot soup base, so we were very excited when Coucou Hotpot announced their latest hotpot soup base. The Laksa soup base is exclusive to Singapore Coucou Hotpot outlets only, and is available at all outlets islandwide. The menu also sees new additions like wagyu beef, fried lotus buns, and more!

The Nanyang Laksa Soup Base is a creamy, spicy soup, with notes of hazelnut for comforting broth. The spice level is quite mild, and the soup comes with plenty of fried tofu puffs that soaks up the broth. The taste felt quite familiar to our tastebuds, and we were craving noodles to complete the laksa experience!

Despite the nutty, thick broth, the laksa didn’t become too salty or overpowering even though we had multiple bowls. We recommend pairing the soups with either the Coconut-Chicken Soup Base which is a clear, sweet broth that clears your palette, or the signature Taiwanese Style Spicy Soup Base, savoury and mildy spicy mala soup that pairs well with meats.

(F1 Japanese Beef Sirloin)

The other highlight from the new menu additions is the F1 Wagyu Japanese Sirloin, which comes from a hybrid breed of cows on a corn-fed diet. The tender meat only takes a minute to cook, and is incredibly tender and full of flavour no matter which broth its cooked in. Not surprisingly, it was the first the dish to be finished! The Angka Prawns are sourced locally and are very fresh, but we especially liked the complimentary service of peeling the prawns for us. The sweet and juicy prawns are cooked with their heads, conveniently adding more flavour to the broth.

(Angka Prawn)

The Cuttlefish Stuffed Portobello Mushroom with Tobiko is a delight to eat, with umami cuttlefish paste that has bursts of flavour from the tobiko. The only thing was that it kept disintegrating in the soup, so the mushroom would separate from the paste while cooking, but made for a great find once in a while.

Don’t miss out on the cooked dishes, as the Lychee Ball With Shrimp is fried balls of juicy prawns that are shaped to look like the fruit, and the Fried Lotus Leaf Bun can be dipped in either soup or condensed milk as a sweet or savoury side.

Coucou Hotpot‧Brew Tea outlets are located at Suntec City, Jewel, and i12 Katong.

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