Hot! The Silence of the Lambs are Present in Ginett’s New Seasonal Menu

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Feast on five new dishes centred around the award-winning Quercy lamb at Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar, famed for its succulent meat and known for it’s subtle yet impressionable taste, that does not have a uber gamey taste to it. Raised on the limestone plateaux of the Quercy region, the free-range lambs are the first to obtain the prestigious Red Label in France for the consistently high quality of their meat.

Ginett prides themselves on a farm to table concept, their wine and fresh ingredients are imported by themselves which helps them to cut down on costs and helps to lower their prices as compared to their competitors out there. In turn, it helps create value for money items for their customers and create experiences for people and good value for people to come back via their daily promotions.

Lamb Leg

The seasonal menu comprises of five lamb dishes that are prepared in various styles to highlight the different cuts of meat. The indulgent Lamb Leg (S$150++) features a 1.2kg charcoal-grilled lamb leg seasoned with smoked herbs and served with a side of cumin-spiced roasted carrots. The classic grilled Lamb Chop (S$42++) comes with stewed white beans with tomato jus. For a heartier selection, diners can opt for the Lamb Shoulder (S$38++), a full-bodied ‘navarin’ stew with fresh thyme.

Savour the slow-cooked Lamb Shank (S$38++) that is guaranteed to melt in your mouth, served with seasonal vegetables. The shank itself is imbued with a red wine reduction sauce and lamb jus sauce (natural juice when you cook the lamb). The meat itself is extremely tender, does not contain a heavy gamey taste and the meat just comes off the bone with just a light touch of the knife applied to the shank. The seasonal vegetables contain the right amount of balance to the meat, and provides a break when the meat gets too rich. The best part of the shank- Is right in between the bones and right below the skin, cut that out, slap a bit of skin on it and chow down, perfection in a bite! The tender BBQ Lamb Spare Ribs (S$36++) which is served with pickles and crisp duck fat-roasted potatoes.The lamb ribs was tender and soft, but should be eaten quick as the meat becomes tough and hard to cut. The sauce accompanying it was tasty, and did not overpowering the protein.

Ginett - Quercy Lamb

Apart from the lamb, there are other courses and appetizers that one can order to go along with a bottle of wine and wet their appetites before the main courses come to the table!

The French Fine de Claire oysters (S$26) were plump and fresh, the red wine vinaigrette provided the appropriate acidity and a tinge of sourness that goes well with the oysters, a nice change from just lemon and tabasco sauce!

The Lobster Bisque (S$15) has a rather smoky taste as compared to other lobster bisques, but has a very sweet aftertaste to it! Don’t be afraid to try it with the bread, it holds up and does not come apart under the density of the lobster bisque and it is a rather good accompaniment to the soup. Once you’ve made the way to the lobster meat, it’ll be really rich in it’s taste and not overly chewy.

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