Hot! The Tiffin Room Celebrates The Festival Of Lights with a Diwali Buffet Spread

CONTENT: Michelle Ng
IMAGE: Raffles Hotel Singapore

The Tiffin Room has been with Raffles Hotel since 1892, and its dining experience is well-loved for its top-notch service and authentic dishes. As we approach the end of the year, The Tiffin Room has launched their Diwali Experience Menu for the celebration of the festival of lights.

The Diwali Experience Menu is a 7-course meal, carefully curated by award-winning chef Kuldeep Negi to showcase the best of North Indian flavours. The exquisite dishes are an experience in itself, lighting up both the table and your tastebuds in gastronomical ways whilst sticking to the classic Indian dishes.

Golgappa Shots & Tandoori Lobster

The dining experience starts with a trio of Golgappa Shots. Also known as pani puri, the bite-sized friend chaat is a ball filled with mint, mango with sweet tamarind, and yoghurt. The spicy and refreshing flavours help to open your tastebuds and leave you wanting more.

Next up is the Tandoori Lobster, a sweet juicy lobster tail with just a touch of charred goodness to bring out the grilled flavours. On the side is a glass of white wine to complement the natural sweetness of the lobster (thanks to its yoghurt marinade) and onion fritters with mint chutney. Indian food – especially tandoori – can be quite spicy, and I was surprised to find that the tandoori spice didn’t overwhelm the juicy flesh of sweet lobster.

Main Courses in Tiffin Boxes- Nariyali Gosht Chaap, Doi Maach, Sarson Da Murgh, Kheema Pulao

The highlight of the night is the four main courses, served in the signature gold tiffin boxes. The meats included the Nariyali Gosht Chaap, lamb chop in coconut and mustard seed curry, Doi Maach, which is a Barramundi filet with yoghurt and spices, and Sarson Da Murgh, boneless chicken leg in a mustard leaf gravy. In true North Indian style, the curries were mildly spicy, packing in slight heat in a thick and flavourful gravy. The meats were cooked till tender, esepeically the barramundi filet.

Carbs came in the form of Kheema Pulao, where Indian basmati rice is mixed with minced lamb, rose water and saffron for a fragrant rice dish. As someone who doesn’t like gamey meats, I quite enjoyed the Kheema Pulao as the lamb was minced finely and added the right balance of game against the rose water and saffron.

The white wine is then swapped for a robust red to square up against the heavier meats. Served together with the curries were garlic naan and carom seed laccha parrantha, best eaten while hot and together with the curries.

The set menu also comes with a vegetarian option, where you will get delights like Chukander Gucchi Tikki, a beetroot and morel mushroom patty cutlet, and Sarson Da Paneer, Indian cottage cheese in a mustard leaf gravy.

Petha Kheer with Mango Rabdi

The dinner ended on a sweet note with an assortment of Mithai and Petha Kheer. The Petha Kheer with Mango Rabdi is a savoury dessert, where ash gourd is mixed with milk, mango cubes and cream pudding. While it looked gorgeous, the ash gourd was a bit too much after a heavy meal. I found myself finishing up the Kaju Strawberry Burfi and Moong Dal Burfi, chewy sweets made cashew nuts and strawberry, and yellow lentil.

Bring home some Diwali sweet treats for your loved ones or for business partners to join in the festivities, as the Mithai gift box comes with 5 assorted flavours of Churma Ladoo, Katli Aam, Moong Dal Burfi, Pista Paan and Kaju Strawberry Burfi.

The Diwali Experience Lunch & Dinner Menu is available at S$98++ per guest. The Mithai giftbox is available at S$58+ for takeaway and delivery via Both available at The Tiffin Room, Raffles Hotel Singapore from 21 October until 7 November.

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