Hot! Tsuta Launches Two New Tori Paitan Ramen Dishes

Tori Paitan and Spicy Tori Paitan

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Well known for their traditional pork ramen that eventually led them to experiment with a duck ramen that was well-received, Tsuta has launched its latest brand-new dishes: Tori Paitan Soba (chicken ramen), which comes in both original and spicy options. With the addition of several traditional japanese sides and desserts, guests have a wider variety of dishes to choose from apart from just ramen alone.

The new ramen dishes showcases one of the most popular ingredients in Asia: the humble chicken. For the Tori Paitan Ramen (S$12, inclusive of GST; no service charge), the dashi broth is made with chicken bones and feet, diligently boiled for five hours to extract the collagen and natural goodness out of the bones. It is then seasoned with Chef Yuki’s special shoyu tare to create a creamy yet translucent concoction. The piquant broth and noodles are accompanied with roasted teriyaki chicken thigh.

The generous slices of chicken thigh are soaked for hours in an elegant shoyu and white wine marinade, and roasted to a perfect golden-brown colour. Sweet corn, shiitake mushrooms, baby leaves and a traditional soft boiled egg garnish the offering. The non-oily broth is extremely rich in its flavour thanks to their intensive preparation that is sure to put wide smiles on their customers’ face. The star of the dish was nicely seasoned and tender when chewed upon and some of the smokiness of the protein was imbued in the broth that helped elevate it to the next level.

For those who love their ramen with a little spice, customers can opt for the Spicy Tori Paitan (S$13, inclusive of GST; no service charge). It is made with the same flavourful chicken dashi broth with the addition of fragrant chilli oil. Following an in-house recipe, the chilli oil is made with chilli padi, olive oil and leek. Despite providing a mildly satisfying spicy kick that does not overwhelm the palate, it was slightly disappointing as the aromatic smell of the dish provided a false illusion of a much more spicer enhancement to the broth. The dish also comes with a rich tomato paste that adds a flavourful dimension that when combined with the soup, the tomato zest cuts through the spice and lends an extra tang, thus transforming the whole new dish altogether.

Salmon Salad

Other than the two ramen offerings, there are four new side dishes to uncover as well. The Salmon Salad (S$8.80) is a Japanese-influenced, refreshing appetizer that features baby salad leaves tossed with in-house lemon and shio tare dressing and topped with dried tomato flakes, shiso leaves and dill. Chunks of smoked salmon help to lift the salad with their salty note. Tsuta’s Edamame (S$4.80) is imported straight from Japan. Fresh and plump, the boiled soy beans are lightly seasoned with a mixture of Mongolian rock salt and pepper that enhances their nutty taste. The aromatic waft of the peppers will permeate one’s nostrils and is sure to make one salivate while waiting for the heavenly bowl of ramen to arrive on the table.

Yaki Gyoza

Gyoza lovers will go gaga over the Yaki Gyoza and Sui Gyoza (S$6.80 each), both made with thin wheat flour skin, seasoned minced pork, shiso leaves and momen tofu. The tofu helps to eliminate any gamey note of the pork. The Yaki Gyoza is pan-seared to a nice crunchy crisp, and accompanied with a special dipping sauce made of shoyu tare and Japanese vinaigrette. For extra indulgence, dip the dumplings in the homemade chilli paste, dolloped on the side. The chill tends to linger in the mouth for a while, so do be careful not to add too much paste to the gyoza.

The Sui Gyoza is marinated in a lemon and shio tare dressing for a light yet savoury flavour. Dip the little dumplings in the shoyu and vinegar sauce, but the dumplings are good enough on their own- don’t need to overcomplicate things with the sauce.

Matcha Bravo

Finish off the gourmet session with the Matcha Bavaro (S$2.80). This exquisite dessert is made with premium matcha, azuki beans, mint leaves and fresh cream. Its airy, delicate body easily melts in the mouth, coating the tongue with the earthy intensity of the concentrated matcha that marries impeccably with the sweet azuki and rich cream.

Tsuta never fails to impress its customers with its clear yet aromatic broth that is chock full of flavour that has them (and myself) coming back for more! So if the weather is getting too cold due to the unpredictable rain or if it’s time to treat oneself, these new dishes will be launched on the 29th June 2018 at both the Pacific Plaza and Tai Seng outlets!

Tsuta is located at 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #01-01 Singapore 228210 and 18 Tai Seng Street #01-01, Singapore 539775.

Tsuta is open daily, from 11am to 10pm.

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