Hot! Tsuta Singapore Unveils Two Duck Ramen Dishes Exclusively For Singapore

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CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Calling on all foodies, prepare to get your bibs ready as Tsuta Singapore has launched two brand-new ramen offerings: Kamo Paitan Soba(Soup) and Kamo Abura Soba (Dry) in conjunction with their First-Year Anniversary

The two dishes are the brainchild of Michelin-starred Chef Yuki Onishi, and are inspired by a widely known ingredient to the local populace: duck! Being a popular ingredient in both Singapore and Japan, he spent the better of a year on R&D, tweaking the recipe and cooking method to ensure that the flavours will please singaporean’s distinct palettes.

The Chef uses only fresh, premium ingredients in the dishes and no MSG is added to the dishes. The Kamo Paitan Soba (S$11) features a bowl of a creamy slurp worthy duck broth that has been slow cooked for five hours at a precise temperature. The broth is chocked full of flavour from the duck and just the right amount of oil that will leave you licking the bowl clean and wondering if it’s too much to ask for an additional bowl of just the broth to slurp on.

Kamo Abura Soba

But the star ingredient is the poached duck breast itself. Slow cooked in Shoyu sauce for a prolonged duration, it ensures that the duck is full of salty goodness and tender to the bite. Even when it came to the seasoned egg, the Chef only cooks it to order in batches of 2 or 4 at one time to ensure consistency and the egg to retain it’s perfect flavour and texture. It is finally topped with baby leaves, crushed cashew nuts and diced yellow onions that offer a sweet and light refreshing contrast to the heavy duck taste of the ramen.

Additionally, on the side, Chef Yuki has handcrafted minced duck wonton’s to complete the duck ramen series. Made fresh on site and only boiled when the order comes in, the skin is extremely silky and the peppery duck in the wonton is sure to impress any wonton lovers looking for a change from the mundane meat filling.

The Kamo Abura Soba (S$10) features noodles that are marinated with premium shoyu sauce and duck oil, the latter sauce being made from scratch by the Chef. As such, a single whiff of the bowl will grant patrons a strong Umami smell. In addition, the noodles are accompanied with a light refreshing chicken stock with a tinge of sea salt (shio) to balance out the taste. The dish is then finished off with the same toppings as the former ramen.

Kamo Paitan Soba

Chef Yuki hosted an exclusive preview for Kamo Paitan Soba in Japan and it received overwhelming praise despite only selling a small sample size of 20 bowls. With such innovative flavours and combinations, could Tsuta Singapore be following in the steps of the flagship store in Japan in achieving a Michelin Star?

Tsuta Singapore is located at 9 Scotts Road, Pacific Plaza, #01-01 Singapore 228210

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