Hot! World’s First CoComelon-themed café at Swissôtel The Stamford Introduces New Menu Items with Fun Family Activities for an Interactive Dining Experience!

CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie
IMAGE: Swissôtel The Stamford

Swissôtel The Stamford’s all-day dining restaurant CLOVE has played host to the world’s first CoComelon-themed cafe that has since proven to be a big hit with families and their little ones! Now the restaurant has just introduced an array of new creations that will not only prove to be visually pleasing but also be able to satisfy the taste buds of all ages!

Rice Croquette

Set on placemats featuring a coloring activity that brings an element of fun to the table for the little ones, a wide array of new CoComelon-inspired creations will excite children’s palates and cultivate their appreciation for quality food! For toddlers, The Cocomelon Rice Croquette (S$18) comes with tomato-flavored rice served in a deep-fried hash brown croquette accompanied with a variety of healthy greens harvested from the hotel’s onsite Aquaponics farm along with a cheddar dip for little toddlers.

The Rainbow Sandwich (S$18) comes with thick slices of honey-baked turkey ham, cheese, little dollops of natural tri-coloured hummus served atop, accompanied with a side of French fries and salad made with freshly harvested vegetables. A simple yet filling dish that will provide the little ones a diverse flavor profile in their meal so that they won’t get bored!

Using CoComelon-branded utensils, juniors can also have their own cheat day with the Cece Buttermilk Chicken Waffle (S$20), with a thick juicy fried chicken patty accompanied with a dollop of garlic aioli on the side and maple syrup to go along with the waffle and chicken and of course a side of greens so that the little ones won’t forget to eat their vegetables!

If the little ones are having trouble eating their vegetables, simply scan the QR code on the placemat to show how JJ polishes up his greens in the sing-along YouTube video!

 Cece Lobster & Prawn Roll

Not forgetting the adults, the CeCe Lobster & Prawn Roll (S$38) comes with generous chunks of poached seafood coated with a light mayonnaise and served with a side of coleslaw and french fries. However, adults have to take note that the lobster might not be suitable for kids with seafood allergies or if they are sensitive to salty foods- as the dish was rather salty and we only managed to finish half of the roll.

Families can also enjoy the food with their little ones through a selection of perennial sharing dishes that come in larger portions to feed a family of four. A staple classic at any dinner table. the Mac & Cheese (S$45) is paired with tomato coulis and offers a choice between two add-ons– poached lobster (+S$45) or pork sausages (+S$18)–to create a rich, satisfying meal that will please the whole family!

 TomTom Petit Sweet Burger King

Put a smile on your children’s faces by ending the meal with sweet treats that will make anyone’s day! The show stopping TomTom Petit Sweet Burger (S$18) is a replica of burger and fries that is made with a combination of different patties of apple toffee pudding, raspberry coulis,and cookie french fries. Each layer has its own distinct taste that comes together to form a perfect harmony of flavor!

Children will be intrigued by the watermelon-shaped Cocoa Melon Sphere (S$18) with tiny dinosaurs made with cocoa cream. Let children play with the dessert by getting them to tap the ball and discover a delightful blend of chocolate gelato and raspberry chocolate coulis hidden within!

Cocoa-Melon Sphere

Families can also sip on a wide selection of thirst-quenching beverages to complement their meals. The beverages includes new CoComelon-inspired smoothies such as Cody’s Razzle, a citrus-based yogurt drink with a touch of lemony verbena to awaken the taste buds; and Nina’s Colada ,a child-friendly version of the popular cocktail that is blended with yogurt, pineapple and coconut. Those who prefer richer-tasting milkshakes can opt for YoYo’s Rose, an invigorating fruity drink comprising lychee, rose and watermelon; or Grandpa’s Espresso, a refreshing beverage infused with orange and cocoa.

To cap off a delightful dining experience, let children take their pick from a range of CoComelon-themed merchandise and toys, sold exclusively at this one-of-a-kind café in the world. From interactive JJ plush dolls and CoComelon dining ware to t-shirts exclusively designed for CoComelon at CLOVE, kids can engage with their favorite on-screen characters at home in new ways.

The CoComelon-themed café will run until 30 June, 2022, for reservations visit Website 

CoComelon at CLOVE
Level 2, Swissôtel The Stamford, Singapore 178882

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