Hot! YOKU MOKU: Japan’s Most Popular Confectionery Is Finally In Singapore

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They are decadent, buttery, crispy and melt-in-the-mouth delicious. Japan’s most popular confectionery YOKU MOKU is finally in Singapore.

Just in time for the spirit of giving this December, YOKU MOKU makes its début with two pop-up stores – at Takashimaya as part of its Christmas Fair at Level B2 and at ION Orchard Level 1. Singaporeans will be treated to the buttery goodness that has made YOKU MOKU Japan’s confectionery sensation for over 40 years.

Set to launch officially in January 2018 at its flagship store in ION Orchard, YOKU MOKU’s pop-up stores during December will showcase its irresistible range of butter cookies, including the signature hand-crafted Cigare. The brand also introduces its unique artistry, reflected in the refined packaging, making YOKU MOKU perfect as Christmas gifts. The YOKU MOKU tins are designed to look like treasure boxes in deep, warm colours, featuring up to 16 layers of paint. This rich and lustrous effect is achieved by using specialised techniques of multiplying special inks and repeated painting. This painstaking attention to detail will be reflected in the design of the retail store at ION Orchard as shelving installations.

Billet au chocolat au lait stylised

YOKU MOKU was founded by Noriichi Fujinawa, who was charmed by a small town he visited in the north of Sweden called Jokkmokk. Its inhabitants, made up of the country’s indigenous Sami people, left a big impression on Fujinawa because of their strong community bond and genuine hospitality. The colorful homes against the backdrop of the harsh Arctic Circle conditions form town’s picturesque scenery and inside these homes is the warmth of families sitting around the table, having lively conversations over home-made confectionery. Fujinawa created YOKU MOKU butter cookies as a tribute to Jokkmokk, to capture this sincerity and the deliciousness of hand-crafted confectionery. At the time, though supplies were rationed, he never compromised on quality by substituting ingredients and leading up to YOKU MOKU Co., Ltd’s launch, persevered to create the perfect confectionery.

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YOKU MOKU Co., Ltd and its iconic signature Cigare were launched in 1969. Today, there are over 150 stores in Japan and more outlets in the US, Middle East, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and India. In Singapore, YOKU MOKU’s authorized distributor is YMSG Pte Ltd, which is helmed by Kashma Budhrani, former founder of The Big Idea Group that owned and operated over 14 restaurants including Fat Cow, Marmalade Pantry and Kinki.

YOKU MOKU Pop-Up Stores is located at ION Orchard Level 1 from 1 December to 31 December 2017, 10am-10pm, Takashimaya (near Cold Storage) Christmas Fair, Level B2 from 4 December to 25 December 2017, 10am-9:30pm

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