ZoukOut Singapore Announces Full Lineup

ZoukOut 2018

After Tiësto and Zedd, Armin Van Buuren, Gryffin and Andrew Rayel, ZoukOut Singapore has announced its full lineup including final headliner Slander completing the Ultimate ZoukOut Experience. The DJ duo will be joined by acts Cash Cash, Shiba San and Wukong at ZoukOut when it returns this 2 and 3 December.

The Ultimate ZoukOut Experience will entail a vast array of international and regional talents, which will be slowly released leading up to event day, taking on a crowd in a festival that will take party-goers on a journey that transcends time into a future of make-believe.

Partnering with AEG, producers of world-renowned Coachella, ZoukOut 2022 will bring an unrivalled festival experience that will transport festival-goers to a theme of The Futuristic City of Dreams. Attendees can expect a fully-fledged festival ground with bespoke experience booths, custom installations, roving acts and spectacular stage designs brought to life by neon surrealism and light play, that seeks to meld art, culture, music and futurism told through an interplanetary voyage that transcends time and dimension to continue telling the full story of ZoukOut.

Designed as a sequel to ZoukOut 2018’s “Fembot on a Mission” theme, chrome will play a heavy part of the design, electrified with neon illuminations and deepened by holographic elements, painted across in supporting futuristic tribal chrome patterns. LED strips evoke a realm of dystopian cyberpunk elements, brought to present day through programmable TV screens and stained-glass walls and ceilings. Centre to it all is a chromatic LED Zouk eye heavily laden with sci-fi and robotic lifelines that gives one and all a peek into the future that they are about to step into at ZoukOut.

ZO22 Full Line Up

Live the ZoukOut story this year through a visual story telling told in two chapters.

Chapter One begins with the showcase of the cosmic eye as a portal to ZoukOut’s theme – the Futuristic City of Dreams – followed by a journeyed story-telling that traverses a few destinations. Starting from a huge strobe-synced docking bay, guests are brought through imagined cities of the future before making a pitstop at Day 1’s final destination: The Ultimate Frequency.

Chapter Two resumes with the journey through cityscapes immersed in intergalactic starpools and a futuristic waterworld brought to life by hologram and liquid animations. The journey reaches its peak with a blast off into sonic speed before culminating in the cosmic eye of Zouk, marking the safe arrival at the future city of dreams.

Food and beverage this year are also taken up a notch with new vendors fueling the party with F&B brands from all corners of the globe, will soon be announced on ZoukOut social pages.

Early Bird tickets are sold out while general tickets are selling out fast. Ticket prices start from S$168 for One-Day Pass, S$288 for General Admission Two-day Passes, S$428 for VIP Two-Day Passes and S$528 for VVIP Two-Day Passes. Tickets available for sale here

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