2023 Festive Finds: The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide!

CONTENT: Kevin Yiew

Get ready to infuse joy and sparkle into your festive celebrations with our curated Christmas gift guide. Whether you’re shopping for the creative soul, the fragrance connoisseur, the style maven, the grooming enthusiast, or the tech aficionado, our list has something special for everyone on your list!



Renowned for inspiring creatives, Moleskine has introduced a vast array of notebooks and stationery this festive season- perfect for taking down important moments in life and making thoughtful presents.

Dive into the Holiday collection, where the Precious and Ethical Collection steals the spotlight. Hand-bound with a vegan cover by VEGEA, which is derived from organic waste in the Italian wine industry, these notebooks merge sustainability and style. The Silk Collection, adorned in contemporary paisley patterns, showcases Italian silk craftsmanship by offering a touch of class to elevate the daily mundane moments. Meanwhile, the Shine Collection, featuring shimmering red and gold fabrics by Mantero, presents bold creativity in each note that promises to leave a lasting impression!

To commemorate the 80th anniversary of Le Petit Prince, Moleskine has also come up with a Limited Edition Le Petit Prince Collection that pays tribute to the timeless essence of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s cherished tale.

Lastly, in the spirit of giving, Moleskine has proudly partnered with Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) to release an exclusive limited edition collection.infusing purpose into the season. Featuring artwork from talented artists that suffer from Cerebral Palsy or Multiple Disabilities, these notebooks stand as a testament to their boundless spirit and creativity. To give back to the community who helped create the notebooks in the first place, 50% off every purchase of proceeds goes towards supporting CPAS beneficiaries and is available until the end of the year..

For more information on Moleskine, please visit website

Dom Rosa

Dom Rosa Millésimé Eau de Parfum

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of a beloved cult favourite fragance, Liquides Imaginaires has released Dom Rosa Millésimé, the latest creation in the illustrious Les Eaux Sanguine trilogy.

The name of the new fragrance was derived from the fusion of “Dom” a prestigious cuvée, “Rosa” the flower of Rose champagne, and “Millésimé” meaning “of a great vintage,” the name “Dom Rosa” tells a story inspired by the rich history and rituals of French winemaking. It pays homage to the rose bushes adorning vineyards for centuries.

In Burgundy, French monks discovered that planting roses near grapevines served as early indicators of threats to the vines. Symbolic of love and sacrifice, these roses are then captured as a super concentrated elixir to be used in the perfume.

The commemorative edition of Dom Rosa Millésimé Eau de Parfum pays hommage to the the vibrant, fruity, woody notes of the original signature fragrance— but builds upon its bold, intense, and provocative properties. The first notes of the perfume involves exquisitely aged champagne, that eventually mellows out into the embrace of luscious Damascena rose. The captivating blend incorporates incense, clove, and deeper wood accords for a flawless finish. This seductive fragrance captures the enchantment and beauty of the Rose, with fruity and woody undertones evoking the serene vineyards and chalky soil where it thrives. Crafted by perfumer Sonia Constant from Givaudan, this luxurious and sensual scent is designed for layering, allowing a unique and personalized fragrance signature.

Dom Rosa Millésimé Eau de Parfum is available at Amaris Beauty’s website and selected Amaris boutiques nationwide. A 100ml bottle of perfume is priced at S$395.

Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut

Embrace the holiday spirit with Sunglass Hut’s All The Shades of Holiday celebration! As festivities draw near, discover the perfect gifts for your loved ones (and perhaps a treat for yourself) amidst a stunning array of sunglasses that come in classic shapes and bold colors. Sunglass Hut’s holiday collection features four key styles tailored to suit diverse lifestyles and boasts a diverse selection of brands from renowned fashion houses like Prada, Ray-Ban, Versace, and Burberry- thus ensuring there’s a pair for every holiday occasion!

Timeless Icons:
Immerse yourself in the fusion of classic styles and modern silhouettes. These sunglasses guarantee a statement look with bold colors and shapes, seamlessly transitioning from day to night.

Bold Opulence:
Make a grand entrance at any party with shades ranging from wrap arounds to shades with jewel tones. Elevate your style with frames from Burberry, Versace, and Prada, that promises to add a sparkle and enhance every look.

For the fashion-forward, explore frames from Ray-Ban, Burberry, Versace, and Vogue. Mirrored lenses, exaggerated shapes, and daring silhouettes define the latest trends, making them the ideal gift for trendsetters.

Urban Athleisure:
Tailored for the sporty individual, choose versatile frames that seamlessly blend functionality with fashion. Regardless if it’s for a quick jog or running simple errands, the Prada Linea Rossa and Oakley frames are the ideal companions for the active yet style-conscious recipient.

To finish things off with a special touch for your gift, opt for Sunglass Hut’s exclusive gift box, exquisitely wrapped and paired with a thoughtful Sunglass Care Kit. It’s more than a gift; it’s an elegant experience that ensures the longevity of your gift that stays in perfect condition.

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andSons x Sultans of Shave

Say goodbye to the awkward conversations that you’ll have with your loved ones this festive season with regards to your hair thinning out or wearing an incoporious hat just to cover up a bald spot. To that end, andSons have partnered up with Sultans of Shave to offer their remarkable cutting-edge solutions for hair loss that has a proven track record of a 85% success rate, andSons offers treatments proven to surpass the efficacy of hair transplants for men.

Thus, why not embark on a journey to lush, vibrant hair with the limited edition andSons X Sultans Of Shave Intense Hair Growth Kit Gift Box (S$78)—a thoughtful Christmas gift for the men in your life. This exclusive set presents a simplified four-step routine designed to enhance hair thickness and stimulate hair growth by up to 214%.

Step 1: 5% Intense Complex Shampoo

Immerse your hair in a shampoo infused with potent ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Caffeine, and Argan. This powerhouse not only keeps your scalp impeccably clean but also locks in essential moisture, fostering a conducive environment for robust hair growth.

Step 2: 5% Intense Complex Conditioner

Nourish your scalp and revive hair strands with our conditioner enriched with niacinamide (Vitamin B3). This dynamic duo, when used in tandem with their shampoo, retains moisture and essential nutrients, giving the appearance of thicker hair.

Step 3: Anti-Hair Loss Dermaroller

Experience the benefits of a painless 0.5mm fine needle dermaroller that enhances blood circulation around the scalp. This vital step supports the efficacy of andSons 3% Redensyl Anti-Hair Loss Serum by improving serum penetration and effectiveness.

Step 4: 3% Redensyl Hair Loss Treatment

andSons’s concentrated hair serum, featuring 3% Redensyl, activates hair follicle stem cells, promoting remarkable hair regrowth—up to 214%! Beyond that, it reduces inflammation and revitalizes the scalp, ensuring strong and healthy growth from root to tip.

This festive season, gift the promise of fuller, thicker hair with the andSons X Sultans Of Shave Intense Hair Growth Kit Gift Box.

Disclaimer: While the journey to hair regrowth requires patience, the daily use of these products for at least 3 to 6 months unveils the real impact on the density and coverage of your hair.



Power up your charging experience this holiday season with CASETiFY’s latest innovation — the PowerThru 2-in-1 Magnetic Charging Stand! As part of the PowerThru magnetic accessory collection, this eye-catching product combines cutting-edge technology with customizable designs, making it the first of its kind in the market.

Crafted with precision, the metallic pillar stands out with its sand-blasted finish, creating a premium and iconic silhouette. The AirPods Charging Base, compatible with various earbud brands, supports up to 5W and ensures an intuitive charging experience with a recessed charging area. The MagSafe charging pad boasts up to 7.5W of output and adjustable angles, featuring the brand’s iconic monogram for a touch of personalized style.

For added functionality, a discreet LED light at the base signals if your devices are currently charging, adding a touch of sophistication to your space. The PowerThru 2-in-1 Charging Stand (S$142) is available at CASETiFY Studio locations worldwide and website.