Break Into The Luxury Space With ESSEC’s Newest Academy Of Luxury In Asia Pacific


CONTENT: Michelle Ng

The luxury market is a lucrative one, with a year-on-year CAGR growth of over 10% in just the annual sales of personal luxury goods alone. While luxury fashion make up the biggest segment in spending, there are also complementary segments like travel, experiences, tech and even dining that also benefits from the same spillover effect.

It’s becoming increasingly important for brands to notice the potential of the luxury market and to consider premiumization of their brand to stay ahead of the crowd. Whether you’re looking to start your career in a luxury brand or looking to see how you can elevate your knowledge and skills in luxury management to start connecting with the high-net-worth crowd, the Academy of Luxury by ESSEC Business School is a great place to dive off the board.


Lending their industry expertise from their French Heritage, ESSEC’s Academy of Luxury has a Professional Certificate in Luxury Management – an intensive 6.5-day course tailored to launch you right into the business of luxury, taking you from the history of luxury in Europe to the current landscape in Asia along with experiential and sensorial sessions. The course also has plenty of hands-on experience, with excursions like a Retail Safari Mission at Marina Bay Sands to experience first-hand the luxury shopping experience and Dinner & Aviation Private Experience aboard a private jet.

The course is led by professor Sonja Prokopec, who has a decade of experience as the Chair Professor of the ESSEC LVMH Luxury Brand Management and also has many years of research on consumer judgement and decision-making, which culminates in brand perceptions of luxury brands. During the course, there are guest speakers who change every course intake for fresh perspectives.

Professor Sonja further adds that that “The ESSEC Academy is a unique opportunity for individuals to benefit from ESSEC”s 30 years of experience working closely with the luxury sector. Through our faculty’s wealth of experience, individuals can develop a practical understanding of the luxury market and consumer mindset, enabling them to succeed and thrive in their careers in the luxury sector.”


While the certificate gives you a perspective into the luxury space, there are also other side programs to allow you to further explore deeper insights into a more specific track that might align more with your interest or specialization. The Specialist Luxury Program: Fine Wines & Spirits Track brings forth the market trends in luxury F&B, digital brand strategies, and guest speakers from brands to share their experiences.

All courses and certificates of course will give you access to the ESSEC alumni network, which has regular networking sessions to meet other ESSEC alumni and also new career opportunities with top companies to land you that job you’ve had your sights on!

The Professional Certificate in Luxury Management by ESSEC Business School – Academy of Luxury currently run two times a year in the Singapore campus. More program info and registration details are available online 

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