Hot! Bring Home RUHENS Newest Multi-Temperature Water Dispenser with Icemaker

Ruhens Ice

As we stay home this month and with Singapore’s sweltering heat, a cold drink of pure water is one of life’s best little pleasures.

With this, RUHENS, the market leader in water dispensers, is bringing you its latest RUHENS Ice, the first multi-temperature water dispenser in Singapore with icemaker, for a refreshing and pure drink of water every time. It dispenses purified water in five different temperatures and makes ice cubes in small and large sizes to meet all your drinking needs

Multi-Temperature Convenience

The RUHENS Ice has been highly lauded by homemakers as an essential home product for its tankless, multi-temperature capabilities. Get hot, cold, room temperature or warm water at the touch of a button, which offers five different precise temperature controls – at 4ºC, 27ºC, 40ºC, 60ºC and 87ºC – through a direct cooler and heating technology. These varying temperatures conveniently provides homeowners’ their needs for a variety of occasions:

• 4ºC : Great for cold-brew iced-tea sachets, or to hydrate on a hot day
• 27ºC: Great for hydration at room temperature throughout the day
• 40ºC: The perfect lukewarm temperature to make baby formula
• 60 ºC: Perfect temperature for brewing hot tea
• 87 ºC: Easily sterilize any kitchen utensils, or prepare coffee and cup noodles

Multi-Size Icemaker

While many enjoy drinking purified water, some find it a hassle to make ice out of it. Adding to its versatility, the RUHENS Ice comes with an icemaking feature that makes ice from the same source of filtered water. Choose from two sizes – Large and Small – to suit your drink-making needs from purified water. Whiskey and cold drink lovers will definitely enjoy this feature.

The Icemaker comes with an intelligent ice storage indicator that displays the ice storage status, marking when ice supply is full and alerting you when it is running low. A smart feature the Triple UV Care also gets activated every 2 hours to sterilise ice cube storage, ice outlet and nozzle for a peace of mind.

Ruhens Ice

Tankless and Compact

The water dispenser runs on a tankless hot and cold water purifier system. As no additional tank is needed in the process of cooling and heating the water, the risk of bacteria building up is largely reduced, while allowing the water purifier with the additional ice feature to stay compact with this design. The slim profile of the RUHENS Ice makes it easy to place it on the countertop or table, fitting in seamlessly in every living space.

The 4-Stage Filtration System eliminates pollutants but keeps the primary minerals to maintain a healthy balance. The Micro Carbon Filter eliminates harmful pollutants, such as iron, aluminium & mercury, pollutants greater than 5μm, while the Nanofact Plus Filter removes water contaminants such as waterborne micro-organisms, bacteria as well as viruses and the Micro-Antioxidants Carbon Filter absorbs remaining harmful organic chemicals such as chlorine, bad taste and odor from feed water, and changes the water into a mild alkaline water. These filters are also detachable for easy cleaning and replacement.

The intelligent design of the RUHENS Ice packs many automated features within it for utmost convenience. Minimal maintenance is required, with its automatic sterilization feature and fret not about dispensing more than what is needed, as the quantity control feature dispenses precise amounts of 120ml, 250ml, 550ml automatically.

Keeping the RUHENS Ice clean and well-maintained has never been easier with a detachable faucet that can be easily rinsed under the tap, any risk of contamination from dirt or dust particles from the surrounding air is also lowered.

Peace of Mind with RUHENS’ Self-Cleaning System

Enjoy peace of mind with the RUHENS’ cutting-edge self-cleaning system exclusively developed for the RUHENS’ water purifiers. It can be set to automatic to self-clean every 24 hours or activated manually with a light touch of the button for more than a second. When cleaning is activated, it flushes the internal pipes to assure the best-tasting and cleanest of water.

For families with young children, the Child Lock function will restrict Hot Water dispensing and Ice Extraction for safety. For ease of use, there is also the Hold Function, which can deactivate certain functions that are not frequently used, like the Ice Indicator, UV Care, Self-Cleaning, Child Lock and Temperature Display.

Ruhens Ice Making


Recognising many modern households’ emphasis on eco-friendliness and cost-savings, the RUHENS Ice’s eco mode helps reduce power consumption by 30%. With RUHENS Ice, enjoy clean, purified water that is better for the environment, and better for good health.

The new RUHENS Ice retails at S$3,499 before GST (inclusive of 3 years’ worth of filters) at Ruhens’ showroom.

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