Hot! Clean Skincare Brand Yours Completes Their Essentials Collection With The Bounce Back Toner


CONTENT: Michelle Ng

Yours is a clean beauty brand that’s all about clean beauty by paring down to the basics. Going by the ideology of using only what you need for your skin. Instead of overloading your skin with different products all promising to target various skin concerns, Yours customises your skincare routine according to your skin condition.

The Bounce Back Toner is the final product in the Essentials range, joining Cloud Factory (a foam cleanser), Clean Slate (skin exfoliant), and Sunny Side Up (sunscreen protecting against UV and blue light collection). The toner helps to balance the pH level of your skin to hydrate, nourish, restore, and repair your skin . Sometimes overlooked, the toner is a simple step that most people tend to overlook. The toner also helps to prep your skin, especially if you’re putting on plenty of makeup for the day ahead.

The toner’s magic lies in the 5 active ingredients and minerals – Epidermist, ACB Bio-Chelate 5, Niacinamide, Vitamin B12, and Glucame-20 – which help to build up the skin barrier whilst evening out the skin tone and lightening dark spots. And of course the toner also helps lock in hydration in your skin.

Bounce Back Toner

The toner can be used immediately after cleansing your face; there’s no need to dry your face. Two to three pumps on your hands or on a cleansing pad is enough to cover your whole face. Make sure to finish with a moisturiser to close your pores and let the toner work its magic. I liked how quickly the toner dries with a few pats, without leaving a sticky feeling behind. It almost feels like my skin just absorbed the toner! There wasn’t any fragrance from the toner, making it feel like I was washing my face again.

As always, I like how Yours keeps their products clean and non-toxic. Vegans will also be pleased to know that the ingredients are ethically sourced and are either plant-derived or synthetically produced, as is with this latest Bounce Back toner.

The Yours Bounce Back Toner (USD38) is now available online 

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