Hot! DrScalp, Singapore’s First AI-Powered Scalp Clinic Opens in Raffles City


Singapore’s first scalp clinic powered by AI and BioTechnology Science DrScalp, has opened its flagship store in Raffles City, bringing forth a revolutionary approach that harnesses the synergy of Artificial Intelligence and BioTechnology Science advancements to deliver unparalleled precision in scalp analysis, enabling personalised recommendations and effectual treatments.

DrScalp’s advanced AI algorithm delivers an astounding 99% accuracy in analysing the scalp. An array of metrics encompassing hair strand count, diameter, oil levels, and melanin levels are employed to provide invaluable insights into the current condition of the scalp, serving as the foundation for recommending BioTechnology Science-based treatment solutions that are precisely tailored to individual needs.


In addition to ensuring full transparency through result projections that demonstrate the effectiveness of treatments over a period ranging from three to 12 months, the AI also takes an active role in monitoring the progress of each individual’s treatment journey. This process enables DrScalp’s team of experts to offer personalised recommendations based on the ever-changing state of scalp health. The algorithm remains in a perpetual state of comprehension, and adapts to analyse the intricate interplay between scalp health and various factors such as diet, climate, and even genetics.

To attain the highest levels of efficacy, DrScalp’s products and solutions have undergone rigorous testing, with over 30,000 trials conducted in a Silicon Valley research lab. Its flagship Bio-Nano Cell Therapy incorporates cutting-edge Bio-Nano cells that synergistically target various scalp conditions, effectively addressing common issues. As a result, it offers valuable solutions for hair loss and regrowth, oily scalp, dandruff, colour-damaged hair, premature greying, and sensitivity of the scalp.

Dr Scalp

This non-invasive treatment involves a state-of-the-art Bio-Jetstream device, which employs high-pressure jets to disperse Bio-Nano cells in gentle puffs, effectively penetrating deeper scalp layers. This innovative approach optimises the therapeutic impact of the cells while ensuring a painless and comfortable experience for clients.

With plans to expand its reach across Asia and beyond, DrScalp is actively collaborating with esteemed local and international partners, as well as leading experts in the field, to propel the boundaries of revolutionary scalp care to new markets and to greater heights.

To learn more and experience the future of scalp care, please visit the DrScalp website 

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