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CONTENT: Yiew Kai Jie

Since its inaugural launch in October 2021, ActionCity’s premium pop-art collectibles gallery BLAXK at Funan has made waves at Singapore Art Week in January 2022 with its inaugural NFT INSIDER Series, an insightful four-part dialogue series held between various stakeholders involved in the NFT craze from now until 12 February 2022.

As Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs for short have taken the digital world by storm, BLAXK has taken the opportunity to collaborate with the digital-native community NFT Asia to create a platform for all stakeholders ranging from artists and collectors to freely share their passion and insights of their NFT journey. The series will also allow the general public to gain a deeper understanding of this digital phenomenon, where art and culture are intertwined with cryptocurrency.

Apart from the four-session forum, BLAXK is also showcasing a cutting-edge NFT exhibition that displays both physical and NFT artworks from local artists including Deborah Seah, Dominic Ho, Ernest Wu, Jonathan Liu and Speak Cryptic. Even as one approaches the physical exhibition, all they need to do is to take a step back and they will be greeted by a stunning glass mural on the gallery façade, created by local artist Tobyato as part of the new exhibition theme- Creative Intersections: In The Year Of The Tiger!

Dominic Ho, This is the city-Construction (2013), image courtesy of the artist

The artist has created a fresh new series of physical artworks solely created on his own that includes skateboards, a triptych on wood, a large-scale standee, a live painting or studio area and lastly the piece de resistance, the glass mural itself!

“BLAXK by ActionCity is happy to be able to organize and facilitate the NFT INSIDER series, a series of panel discussions on the development of art impacted by blockchain technology and the meteoric rise of NFTs, one of the most compelling topics in the world of art and collectibles today.” said Cheong Zhaoyong, the Group Brand Director of ActionCity and POP MART Singapore.

“NFT Asia is proud to present the artworks of five local artists who are working at the cutting edge of art and technology today, integrating the use of blockchain and NFTs in their practice. Working across photography and illustration, these artists demonstrate the diverse possibilities that NFTs hold. This collaboration will show how artist-led initiatives and community building can help provide space for the underrepresented, share resources with each other as well as engage with a wider audience.” said NFT Asia spokesperson Jonathan Liu.

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